Valkyrie no Bouken 2

By wyrdwad

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02-07-2019, 01:37

Recently grabbed Disk Station 4 when I was in Akihabara for one simple reason: the front of the box claimed it had a demo of Valkyrie no Bouken on it?! As in, the Namco arcade classic-come-Famicom classic?!

When I got it home, I was even more surprised to read in the manual that it was a demo for Valkyrie no Bouken TWO -- an honest-to-goodness sequel to the Famicom game that I didn't even know was ever planned!

Finally checked it out, and it's legit, though not playable -- just a text scroll and some art, accompanied by a pretty sweet FM rendition of the Famicom game's overworld theme. Skip to 6:35 in this video to see it:

Definitely makes me wonder what might have been, though! Valkyrie no Bouken had no Western presence, but was a pretty Big Deal in Japan, so an MSX2 sequel would've been a huge feather in the system's cap -- and probably a really fun game, too!

Does anyone know if any early builds were ever leaked or anything? Is there any other information floating around about it out there? All I can find is that it was unceremoniously canceled, but I don't know why, and I don't know how far along it was before that happened.

Any information would be appreciated!



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By MP83

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12-07-2019, 12:48

Oh, I just realized that I didn't have this demo uploaded to my YouTube channel. That's fixed now:

I have seen this Disc Station demo a couple of times in the past, not knowing what it was a sequel to, or that it was even cancelled. I also wonder what happened to it...

By MP83

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16-05-2021, 23:54

Found this in the 1989-05 issue of MSX Magazine where they previewed Disc Station #4:

It shows completely different screenshots of the Valkyrie no Bouken II demo than what was used in the end. I wonder if they could be found somewhere in better quality.