Green Crystal (MSX2) - Walkthrough and names list

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Back in 1991 Compile released Disc Station #32, the final MSX issue of this long-running disk magazine series, which was really popular in Japan (it continued for many years for the PC98 and then Windows 95). One of the games included with Disc Station #32 was this 1st-person dungeon crawler game titled Green Crystal. This is the walkthrough for it, written by yours truly. The maps will follow shortly.



1) Talk to the king
2) Talk to the green-haired woman (get DROP OF LIGHT pendant)
3) Get and equip IRON SWORD, IRON ARMOR, and IRON SHIELD from chests

CANNAS FOREST / カンナスのもり (aka CANNAS WESTERN FOREST / カンナスにしのもり):
- Level up yourself to level 3

1) Talk to the blond woman
2) Talk to the man staying at the inn
3) Talk to the blond woman again (passage opens in CANNAS EASTERN FOREST)

- Get ELF RING from the chest

CANNAS FOREST / カンナスのもり (aka CANNAS WESTERN FOREST / カンナスにしのもり)
- Go through the underground tunnel and talk to the elf (lose ELF RING)

- Kill CARRION CRAWLER boss (recommended level: 3)

- Talk to the old man with a blue robe and cane (KING SLIME boss spawns in RAOUL TOWN)

RAOUL TOWN / ラオールのまち:
1) Fight KING SLIME boss and lose the battle (in fact, you can't win)
2) Talk to the blue-haired woman with blue clothes
3) Talk to the brown-haired man with brown shirt and white pants (HARPY boss spawns in WIND TOWER)

WIND TOWER / かぜのとう:
1) Kill HARPY boss in 3F (recommended level: 7)
2) Move forward, talk to the man carrying the harpy

RAOUL TOWN / ラオールのまち:
- Talk to the bearded man (get WIND RING)

WIND TOWER / かぜのとう:
1) Take medicine from B4 (recommended level: 11)
2) Give medicine to the man in 3F

RAOUL TOWN / ラオールのまち:
- Talk to the old man (passage opens in RAOUL MOUNTAIN)

1) As you're about to enter the cave in this new passage, a message pops up. Talk to the NPC that spawned behind you.
2) Get ULM HAMMER from the chest and equip it
3) Kill KING SLIME boss with ULM HAMMER in B3 (recommended level 11)

* Level up yourself to level 22 and buy FLAME SWORD, FLAME ARMOR, and FLAME SHIELD from LARA VILLAGE (to buy them all you will need 7100 gold -- You can get 3000 gold from a chest in RAOUL MOUNTAIN, and 1000 gold from a chest in WIND TOWER B2). After you have the full flame set, there's no more equipment for you to buy, meaning that the gold is only used for buying healing potions and visiting inns from now on.

SADA TOWN / サダのまち:
1) Kill KING GOLEM (recommended level 22)
2) Move forward and take ICE BLADE from the chest

* Level up yourself to level 25

- Talk to the floating NPC with green hair (teleport to WATER TEMPLE)

WATER TEMPLE / 水のしんでん:
1) Kill KRAKEN boss with ICE BLADE in F3 (recommended level 25)
2) Change back to FLAME SWORD
3) Move forward, talk to the floating NPC with green hair (get BLUE ORB + teleport to MILAS VILLAGE)

1) Talk to the black-bearded man with green clothes
2) Talk to the black-haired man holding a spear on his right hand

- Talk to the guard holding a spear on his right hand

1) Talk to the black-bearded man with green clothes (nearby gate opens, leading you to a chest)
2) Get DIARY from the chest

- Talk to the guard holding a spear on his right hand (lose DIARY + passage opens in MILAS FOREST)

MILAS FOREST / ミラスのもり:
- Get PASS from the chest in B2

FIRE CLAN'S VILLAGE, CURSE / ほのおのいちぞくのむら カース:
1) Talk to the red-haired woman (chest appears nearby)
2) Get DRAGON SWORD from the chest

* Level up yourself to level 32

SADA TOWN / サダのまち:
2) Kill BLUE DRAGON boss
3) Get and equip DRAGON SHIELD from the chest
4) Kill BLACK DRAGON boss
5) Get and equip DRAGON ARMOR from the chest
6) Kill SILVER DRAGON boss
7) Kill GOLD DRAGON boss
8) Kill KING DRAGON boss
9) Move forward and get YELLOW ORB from the chest

CRYSTAL TEMPLE / クリスタルしんでん:
1) Talk to the three floating NPCs (get CRYSTAL SWORD, CRYSTAL MAIL, CRYSTAL SHIELD)
2) Talk to the yellow-haired floating NPC (teleport to final dungeon)
3) Talk to the man in the final dungeon
4) Kill GREEN CRYSTAL boss
5) Use DROP OF LIGHT item that you got in the beginning of the game.

Congratulations! You've beaten the game!

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27-04-2019, 01:13

And here's the names list with original Japanese names and my English translations (proofread by Wyrdwad):

カマキネナのしろ (kamakinena no shiro) = Kamakine Castle
カマキネナのまち (kamakinena no machi) = Kamakine Town
カンナスのもり/カンナスにしのもり (kannasu no mori/kannasu nishi no mori) = Cannas Forest/Cannas Western Forest
カンナスのむら (kannasu no mura) = Cannas Village
カンナスひがしのもり (kannasu higashi no mori) = Cannas Eastern Forest
ラオールのやま (raōru no yama) = Raoul Mountain
ラオールのまち (raōru no machi) = Raoul Town
かぜのとう (kaze no tō) = Wind Tower
ミラスのもり (mirasu no mori) = Milas Forest
ミラスのむら (mirasu no mura) = Milas Village
ラーラのもり (rāra no mori) = Lara Forest
ラーラのむら (rāra no mura) = Lara Village
サダのまち (sada no machi) = Sada Town
サダのもり (sada no mori) = Sada Forest
水のしんでん (mizu no shinden) = Water Temple
まよいのもり (mayoi no mori) = Lost Forest
ほのおのいちぞくのむら カース (Honoo no ichizoku no mura kāsu) = Fire Clan's Village, Curse
クリスタルしんでん (kurisutaru shinden) = Crystal Temple

てつのけん (tetsu no ken) = Iron Sword (STR 5)
てつのよろい (tetsu no yoroi) = Iron Armor (DEF 3)
てつのたて (tetsu no tate) = Iron Shield (DEF 2)
はがねのけん (hagane no ken) = Steel Sword (STR 6)
はがねのろい (hagane no yoroi) = Steel Armor (DEF 4)
はがねのたて (hagane no tate) = Steel Shield (DEF 3)
ロングソード (rongu sōdo) = Long Sword (STR 8)
かゼのけん (kaze no ken) = Wind Sword (STR 6)
かゼのよろい (kaze no yoroi) = Wind Armor (DEF 2)
かゼのたて (kaze no tate) = Wind Shield (DEF 3)
ウルムハンマー (urumu hanmā) = Ulm Hammer (STR 10)
アイスブレード (aisu burēdo) = Ice Blade (STR 11)
こおりのよろい (Kōri no yoroi) = Ice Armor (DEF 5)
こおりのたて (Kōri no tate) = Ice Shield (DEF 5)
フレイムソード (fureimu sōdo) = Flame Sword (STR 16)
ほのおのよろい (honoo no yoroi) = Flame Armor (DEF 6)
ほのおのたて (honoo no tate) = Flame Shield (DEF 3)
ドラゴンソード (doragon sōdo) = Dragon Sword (STR 1)
ドラゴンメイル (doragon meiru) = Dragon Mail (DEF 3)
ドラゴンシールド (doragon shīrudo) = Dragon Shield (DEF 2)
クリスタルソード (kurisutaru sōdo) = Crystal Sword (STR 30)
クリスタルメイル (kurisutaru meiru) = Crystal Mail (DEF 20)
クリスタルのたて (kurisutaru no tate) = Crystal Shield (DEF 15)

ひかりのしずく (hikari no shizuku) = Drop of Light
パン (pan) = Bread
やくそう (yakusou) = Medical Herb
きずぐすり (kizugusuri) = Potion
ようせいのゆびわ (yōsei no yubiwa) = Elf Ring
かぜのゆびわ (kaze no yubiwa) = Wind Ring
きせきのくすり (kiseki no kusuri) = Miracle Medicine
つうこうしょ (tsūkōsho) = Pass
レッドオーブ (reddo ōbu) = Red Orb
ブルーオーブ (burū ōbu) = Blue Orb
イエローオーブ (ierō ōbu) = Yellow Orb

キャリオンクローラー (kyarion kurōrā) = Carrion Crawler
キングスライム (kingu suraimu) = King Slime
ハーピ (hāpi) = Harpy
キングゴーレム (kingu gōremu) = King Golem
クラーケン (kurāken) = Kraken
ブルードラゴン (burū doragon) = Blue Dragon
ブラックドラゴン (burakku doragon) = Black Dragon
シルバードラゴン (shirubā doragon) = Silver Dragon
ゴールドドラゴン (gōrudo doragon) = Gold Dragon
キングドラゴン (kingu doragon) = King Dragon
グリーンクリスタル (gurīn kurisutaru) = Green Crystal

By MP83

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27-04-2019, 01:45

Here's hoping that someone will one day translate this game to English, because it's a fun dungeon crawler RPG. I know that there is a partial English translation for this game that translates the menus and item/location/enemy names, but it's really, REALLY bad. It contains a lot mistranslations and other mistakes, making the game more confusing than it was in Japanese. I mean, it changed "Wind Tower", "Wind Ring", and "Wind Sword/Armor/Shield" to "Cold", "Old Ring", and "Iron Sword/Armor/Shield" respectively... oO

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30-04-2019, 14:44

Thanks for this. Definitely will be checking out this RPG.