Lars the 18th, since you're good with passwords...

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By tfh

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03-09-2017, 08:55

Now TFH is also interested in this game!
As long as it's about the mother of all bras though, and not my mother's bras...

By larsthe18th

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Аватар пользователя larsthe18th

03-09-2017, 15:05

MP83 wrote:

I do kinda feel bad for Lars the 18th, though, but I want to thank him too for considering making a password generator, so... thanks! Smile

Can anyone make a cheat for this game to walk through walls or do super-jumps? There's a couple of spots that I'd want to reach, which isn't possible to pull off normally. I'd want to see what happens. Big smile

Hi MP83, dont feel bad, i'm happy Manuel took some time to investigate the password system,
maybe he can explain the password system when he has it all figured out.

I have created 2 IPS patches for the game
A Life M36 Planet - Invulnerable.ips
A Life M36 Planet - Invulnerable -Superjump.ips

Be shure to use OpenMSX with the Superjumps, sometimes the player gets stuck in the scene :P
if that happens, use the REVERSE button [PageUp].

In OpenMSX you can allso POKE to
address $C519 to change the X position of the player sprite, and
address $C51B to change the Y position of the player sprite.

I hope this helps you exploring the game. ;)

By Guillian

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Аватар пользователя Guillian

03-09-2017, 19:28

The first version only covered about 80% of the game status.
The version I sent wyrdwad yesterday should cover about 90-95%.
I have not played the game, so I'm not sure what could be missing.

Explainig the password system is a bit complex. But basically it stores an array of bytes, where each bit, or groups of bits, encode an item, status or value. Then those bytes are encoded as pairs of letters (each nibble is a letter), an array of offsets is added to the letters and finally a checksum is calculated and added (the two last letters)

By MP83

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Аватар пользователя MP83

03-09-2017, 21:45

Whoa! Thanks for the help, Lars the 18th. You just allowed me to confirm that I was indeed correct assuming that the two unreachable routes in the dark caves were connected. Smile There's a few other spots in the game that I want to reach and see what happens, but it doesn't have an impact on my mapping project.

By wyrdwad

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Аватар пользователя wyrdwad

04-09-2017, 02:23

Since there's now going to be an English-translated rom, a full game map, a password generator, AND invincibility and super-jump patches made available for this game (pretty much all at the same time, no less!), I've decided to fully update my walkthrough as well, adding in gameplay elements that MP83 and I learned while QA-testing the English rom, and also adding in info and links for all of these extra resources.

This is what I've written up for inclusion in the walkthrough. Please let me know if any of you wish to have this rephrased in any way, wish to be credited differently, etc.:


My English text is embellished a bit in order to sound more natural (I'm a professional translator and editor by day, so it's hard for me not to do this!), but a cool dude who goes by the name Hubz has taken it upon himself to patch simplified versions of this text into the game so you can actually play it in English -- and the end result is pretty freaking awesome! He did an excellent job of cutting just enough to make the text fit into the rom, without cutting so much that the flavor and atmosphere of the original work is lost.

You can download the translated rom here:
(insert link)

Do note, however, that I'm leaving the "full" translated names of all areas, NPCs, items, etc. in this walkthrough, rather than striving to match the text of the translated rom, since (1) it's pretty clear what's what even when it differs slightly from the translation, and (2) having the expanded translations available here will allow for good compare-and-contrast so interested parties can get a taste of what all is involved with fan-translating an 8-bit cartridge game, and also so people playing the Japanese rom will have a fuller experience.

I also owe a big debt of gratitude to MP83, whose tireless QA work helped make Hubz's English translation patch of the game even better, and who also went about fully mapping the entire game for your viewing pleasure. Check it out (though beware spoilers, obviously):
(insert link)

More thanks are owed to Manuel for creating and tweaking a Java-powered password generator for the game, which has proven absolutely invaluable during QA, particularly due to the extremely buggy nature of the game's password system. You can find that here (and read on to learn about the ways in which the game's password system is bugged, and what you can do to avoid getting stuck because of it!):
(insert link)

Still MORE thanks are owed to Larsthe18th, who created IPS patches for the original Japanese rom that allow for invincibility, or invincibility + superjump (with the caveat that you might get stuck, so, per his words: "Be sure to use OpenMSX with the Superjumps, as sometimes the player gets stuck in the scene; if that happens, use the REVERSE button [PageUp]"). You can download these IPS patches here:
Invulnerability patch (link)
Invulnerability + Superjump patch (link)

What do you guys think?


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