MSX2 SUB ROM options

By floppiefrans

Master (237)

Аватар пользователя floppiefrans

28-04-2017, 00:07

Is it possible to have following options added to NMS82xx SUB ROM?
- Memory counter for total RAM
(have seen this in versions 2.01)

- 50/60 Hz boot, standard 50 Hz and with H pressed during boot 60 Hz
(have seen this done by NYYRIKKI, but then the other way round, boot 60 and with H pressed 50 Hz)

- Memmory counter for total VRAM
(have seen gdx say The bits 2 and 1 of the system variable "MODE" at 0FAFCh is used to indicate the amount of VRAM of the MSX. (00 for 16kB, 01 for 64kB, 10 for 128kB and 11 for 192Ko) )

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