".TSX" --> ".TZX" Format in MSX

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By manolito74

Paragon (1300)

Аватар пользователя manolito74

18-12-2021, 15:25

Hello again,

We go on working in the TSX Format and creating more and more TSX Files. ;-)

We have udpated our TSX Web with more games and we have now more than 400 TSX Games. You can find them here:


We have a lot of TSX games more already created, pendind of revision to upload at our Web. ;-)

If you want to help us and you have a "MIA" Game (a Game not converted or available) you can help us creating a Wav of the original Game and contacting us. ;-)

Unfortunately the authors of the Open MSX haven't included yet a TSX Support in the last version of their Emulator, so until that moment arrives you can use our Fork version of the Open MSX with fully TSX support. ;-)

Thank you very much indeed. ;-)

Gracias & Saludetes. ;-)

By Emphy

Resident (59)

Аватар пользователя Emphy

21-12-2021, 14:23


That is the first site I've seen that has the software projects port of jet set willy. The others have the awful hudson soft port (where "awful" is defined as being not the version I played as a child).

By jltursan

Prophet (2619)

Аватар пользователя jltursan

21-12-2021, 17:02

In this case, awful = AWFUL BA-team

By manolito74

Paragon (1300)

Аватар пользователя manolito74

05-01-2023, 03:22


Well, on these important dates... it fills me with pride and satisfaction to comment on the following:

- The "TSX Team" continues on working with the TSX Format. Despite the fact that the TSX Repository has not been updated for a long time, it does not mean that work was not being done over the TSX Format, making Conversions, dumping Tapes to ".WAV", creating the ".TSX" Files, verifying that everything was Ok and much more...

Lots of new Games have been uploaded to the Repository and there are still many more available yet to be published, let's hope we get to 1,000 so that people take us seriously for once...!

You have the TSX Repository here:


Right now, we already have more than 800 TSX Files and growing...! ????

From here I'd like to thank all the members of the TSX TEAM for their great work when uploading Tapes, creating the TSX, reviewing them, making all the necessary corrections/verifications, etc.

What's more,I'd like to thank them too because some members are spending money out of their pocket trying to get and buy MIA and/or "rare" Games on Buy/Sell Portals with the only and unique intention of getting the Games to create the TSX Format and preserve them for everyone can enjoy of them. ????

And thanks of course to NatyPC, for this great update of the Repository, because the only way for people to see and enjoy the TSX Format is by making it public, showing it to the gallery (otherwise it could give the impression that the Project he was dead/standing/etc...) (Nothing could be further from the truth!)

- On the other part, it just came out, fresh out of the oven! (a couple of days ago), a new version of the "Retro Virtual Machine" Emulator.

You can download it from here:


What is special about this Emulator...? Well first, that it emulates MSX (at the moment only MSX-1 and only Files on Tape and Rom. And also... it emulates the TSX Format as standard and natively...!

Finally an Official Emulator that Supports the TSX Format, without "excuses". Ole for the author and for his bravery and great work!

I invite you to try this new Emulator as well as all our Games in TSX Format. It's a joy... That of seeing an Image of a "Computone" Cassette Player, that you press the "Stop/Eject" Key to change/load a Game and then the "Play" key to reproduce it, it's great!

"Retro Virtual Machine" supports ".CAS", ".TSX", ".ROM" Files.

Well, thank you all very much and I take advantage of this to wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Prosperous, Happy and a MSX and TSX New Year!

I hope that the "fat man who wears on red" and/or "the 3 gentlemen who come on a camel" have brought or will bring you a lot of MSX material... ????

Thank you & Greetings. ????

Gracias & Saludetes. ;-)

By manolito74

Paragon (1300)

Аватар пользователя manolito74

09-01-2023, 21:53

Hello again:

Well, I take this opportunity to comment that some updates have been made in the TSX Repository.

- Added a link where you can access an explanation about what the TSX Format is.

- There are 2 links with Tutorials "Cook yourself a TSX, tasty tasty and well-founded"

- It has also added a Graphical Interface, a GUI to use the MakeTSX at the "mouse stroke" and much more comfortably, without having to resort to the command line.

The GUI has been courtesy of our colleague JACS. From here I take this opportunity to thank you for working the Program, for allowing us to use it "internally" (for our tests) and for allowing us to make it now available to the public.

Well, I can only invite you to take a tour of our TSX Repository, download the RVM Emulator, try some (or all) of our Games in TSX Format, take a look at the definition of the TSX Format, the Tutorials, download the MakeTSX and the GUI and try to experiment and make your first steps. ;-)

You have access to all this on the TSX Repository website:


There is now nearly 900 TSX Files!!! ;-)

Thanks & Greetings. ;-)

Gracias & Saludetes. ;-)

By saccopharynx

Master (175)

Аватар пользователя saccopharynx

09-01-2023, 23:19

It's great to see some support for this underestimated, but already grown-up, file format.

By manolito74

Paragon (1300)

Аватар пользователя manolito74

10-01-2023, 01:43

Hello, @saccopharynx,

Thank you very much for your encouragement words! They are a breath of fresh air. ;-)

Step by step, little by little...

Piano piano, si arriva lontano... ;-)

It's being a very hard work but at the same time a very nice and very gratifying work. ;-)

Time will tell the tale... ;-)

When you believe in something you must to fight against all odds.

"Yesterday" we haven''t got anything. People thought we are just "crazy people" following something impossible. But sometimes dreams comes true and now we have almost 900 TSX Files and an a great official Emulator (RVM) that gives support to TSX Format. ;-)

Thank you very much to all that "crazy people" who believe in that Project and has encouraged and helped us to follow working on it despite the "adversity". ;--)

¡Gracias & Saludetes! ;-)

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