Konami revives Track & Field

by snout on 23-08-2007, 14:47
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Source: Joystiq

During the Leipzig Games Conference, Konami have announced a new Track & Field game for Nintendo DS. The game series celebrates its 25th anniversary with 20 different athletic events and special guest star appearances from popular Konami games, such as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 and Sparkster from Rocket Knight Adventures. Multiplayer capabilities via WiFi and downloadable content will be available as well.

On MSX, Konami released several athletic games in these series: Hyper Olympic 1 (Track & Field 1), Hyper Olympic 2 (Track & Field 2), Hyper Sports 1, Hyper Sports 2 and Hyper Sports 3.

Relevant link: Track & Field for Nintendo DS post on Joystiq

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By yakumo

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Аватар пользователя yakumo

23-08-2007, 16:11

Funny spot.

By poke-1,170

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Аватар пользователя poke-1,170

24-08-2007, 22:58

actually I played at the games convention in Leipzig,
at the stand of commodore (with jeroen tel
I snuck in some msx things haha

By FiXato

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27-08-2007, 22:11

Play the oldskool version at Konami's New Track and Field website at NewTrackAndField.com

Tip: first play it normally til you finished the hurdle run as well, then press start again, and start bashing your cursors from the start; it should not register it as a false start, and thus you can get a 0.01 time on the 100 meter dash ;)

The scoreboard doesn't seem to function properly though (nor do the graphics all the time..), since I keep getting a second place, no matter what, and I can't enter a player name for the scoreboard.
ah well, let's keep :RNFF: