the MSX games championship (ZANAC EX)

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Por robertwilting

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21-07-2010, 20:31

Zanac Ex has secret stages ? I know alleste has one which can be played when you choose to continue the game after you finished it.
So what's the deal of zanac ex secret stages ?

Ahh seems I miss understood. It seems that you were talking about the game of the next round. Nemesis 1. Must be the heat melting my brain.

Por ZanacX

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21-07-2010, 21:58

time up !!! no more posts please.

Por ~mk~

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22-07-2010, 06:56

To answer your question from the other thread:
and the king of the ZANAC EX is : (-mk-) with 12,426,560 point and 1:26 hour but he didnt tell me how many time did he finish the game so i still want your amswer
I don't remember sorry, probably not more than 5 times so the score should not be that hard to improve... as people said, Zanac-Ex is relatively easy to finish. Thanks for pronouncing me as the king of Zanac-Ex, anyway! Smile

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