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Por snout

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27-08-2003, 17:43

Step 1 - Log in to your MRC user account
Step 2 - Check if your mail adress is correct
Step 3 - Make sure you list an e-mail adress which can receive a few kB's of mail every now and then if you choose to subscribe to the newsletter
Step 4 - List yourself in the Contacts list Smile

Every newsletter we send we receive a lot of delivery failures. True failures result in removing the account, but about 95% of the returned mail is returned because of mailboxes that are over quota.

In future mailinglists over-quota mails will result in a disabled account which will be removed if a second newsletter bounces back as well.

So, please make sure you keep your settings up to date.

If you can't access your account anymore, or if your account has been unrightfully disabled you can always contact us

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