Best PSG game song ever [round 5]

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Por hap

Paragon (2039)

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24-08-2003, 11:40

So who do we blame? Smile

us; as in, the voters. read my post above

Nobody is suggesting that Question

usually, poll entries are collected by the site owners, but this time users could nominee the entries, so that's why i said that.

Por Sander

Founder (1867)

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24-08-2003, 11:54

It's a shame almost nobody listened to pieces of art like Auf wiedersehn Monty and Splash Wave from Outrun. Those are technically much better than the ones nominated now.

Por ro

Scribe (4567)

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24-08-2003, 14:39

no way man, the outrun track is WACK! The gremlin graphics tune however...

*edit* wack in like HELL NO GOOD TUNE...imo.

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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24-08-2003, 15:10

You mean 'wack' as in 'cool' right? Tongue
outrun totally 0wnz

Por snout

Ascended (15184)

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24-08-2003, 23:58

Just in time myself...

2-1; Firebird [Ending] - Usas [Mohenjo daro]
3-0; Usas [Juba ruins] - Maze of Galious [Game]

Por snout

Ascended (15184)

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25-08-2003, 01:08

Ok, we're done. The two games representing the PSG section in the Best MSX game song ever frontpage poll will be

Usas [Mohenjo daro]
Usas [Juba ruins]

Ain't that something?

Tomorrow MSX Radio will start broadcasting the SCC nominees. We'll let you know on the frontpage. After 3 days of SCC listening, we'll start the first round of voting. In the mean time you can discuss this mega-poll here

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