WAV to cas/bin/rom

Por Gradius2

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07-01-2010, 17:40


I'm trying to find a wav to .cas, .bin, .rom, w/o luck, the ones I tried didn't work.

I remember to find some months ago CAS to CD (and vice-versa) and worked fine, but I cannot remember the name!

Please, help !


PS: wav2cas didn't work, msxcastools too.

Por Manuel

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07-01-2010, 22:50

I'm very interested to find out why this wav doesn't run as-is on openMSX...

Por Olicheski

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26-08-2010, 22:31

This link

The program CAS Tools.
2º in the list.
maybe can run ;)

Por Wild_Penguin

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26-08-2010, 23:23

It would help to know what WAV/cassette you're trying to convert =)

The MSX cassette contains three kinds of files - tokenised, and non-tokenised basic (bas/cas) and binary blocks (bin). You can get those files with many of the several cassette tools, some of which have already been mentioned. However, if the cassette contains a custom loader, you're out of luck since AFAIK there are no tools to extract the custom blocks from the cassette (you can extract the loader, however, which usually is a single small .bin file). A similar limitation also applies to the the .cas format, as it can only contain blocks that follow the default MSX BIOS routines (someone with more knowledge may elaborate / correct me). It can, however, contain custom blocks that can't be converted into bas/asc/bin files (but still adhere to the MSX BIOS routine somewhat). Also, you might get problems, if your .wav file is a recording from a cassette in a bad condition. Try finding a tool called "regenerador" (or similar), in that case, it might help. If that fails, try recording the cassette again.

A cassette (or a .wav file) can not contain any .rom files btw.; only asc/bas/bin. However you can convert a rom into bin file(s), which could be saved to a cassette, but that is not trivial for a non-programmer (unless there's a tool somewhere I haven't found).


Por SLotman

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27-08-2010, 21:36

A .wav/.cas file can have any file format inside it, even .rom if you want. .Rom is just a binary file, after all.

.Cas can have headerless files, but those can't be loaded from BASIC standard commands.

Have you tried the wav on OpenMSX to see if it does load correctly? Is this some 'rare' program? If not, I advise you to search for "Preservación de cintas MSX" on google Wink

Por Wild_Penguin

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28-08-2010, 12:29

A .wav/.cas file can have any file format inside it, even .rom if you want. .Rom is just a binary file, after all.

You are right; however, the cassette specification has a limitation on the file size, but I might be wrong. Of course you still could put a .rom file into a cassette anyways, via the tools mentioned, but that would be unusable on a real MSX Wink. Also I assumed the user is trying to convert an original tape, so he should not find other than cas/ldr/bin files on the tape (unless there's a custom loader).

Por Ota231

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25-09-2010, 08:41

this link

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Por Gradius2

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17-10-2010, 19:40


Please, send me the link at {no warez requests either}