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Por Ivan

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23-07-2003, 00:55


In my opinion the periods (and the years of each period) in the new poll have no sense at all. I think that they've been put in a very subjective way.

Why from 1986 to 1989 is the "MSX2 period"? When MSX was commercially alive in Spain (till 1992) MSX1 was the most extended generation . MSX1 and MSX2 computers coexisted here till the system commercially dead . I would never have defined such period!

And I don't think that amateur productions started here in a very active way in 1990 (when MSX was still commercially alive here)...

And a "Revival period"? That period started just when the Internet revolution started...

I would divide the MSX history only in 3 periods:

1st: Commercial period
2nd: Silence period (no Internet)
3rd: Internet era period

For the history of MSX in Spain :

1st: from 1983/84? till 1992
2nd: from 1992 till 1995/96?
3rd: from 1995/96? till today

I've voted for the 1990-1995 period. Why? Because in 1990/91 MSX was still alive here and the only one Spanish MSX magazine at that time (MSX-Club) informed us with lots of Japanese developments (Japanese SW -mainly games- and HW -HBI-V1, HAL Handy Scanner, MSX2+ and MSXturboR computers, ...).

I want to see your opinion Wink

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Por snout

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23-07-2003, 01:00

Well, the names we gave each period are indeed quite biased to the Netherlands, I'm afraid. Since it is impossible to describe such periods in short terms we gave merely small 'guidelines'. The start of an MSX2 period doesn't necessarily means the end of an MSX1 period, does it?

About the term 'revival', this refers not only to the official MSX Revival, but also to the increased popularity of several MSX websites, the increase of the activity of MSX users on the internet, but also - more important - on new developments.

However, I'd like to see several people from several countries make a list of MSX-periods in their countries Smile