Copying MSX software...

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Por snout

Ascended (15184)

imagem de snout

18-07-2003, 15:04

I think most people see 'recent' software as Grauw does. Software that is still for sale.

Por sunrise

Paragon (1091)

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18-07-2003, 20:09

But I won't buy a copy of Moonblaster (again) for example. (in case anyone gets offended, I wouldn't buy FAC Soundtracker nor Fony's Musixx at this time too Smile )

The only Moonblaster for sale is the Moonblaster 1.4. And in the worst case you pay a small amount for an update e.g. IF IT WOULD BE MADE.
To be honest never ! But means today that it is still be copyrighted till the time we decide that is ready to make it e.g. freeware.
Due to perhaps a better program or better alternative you buy it or not
The other version is moonblaster for moonsound th recent version is simply free to download

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