Best MSX2 game ever - finale discussion

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Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

imagem de BiFi

07-07-2003, 12:01

The reddish tall dude goes by the name of Wit, the blueish smaller dude goes by the name of Cles.

You can use a Game Master(2) rom image with Usas to cheat your way out of it... Game Master 1 doesn't work with Usas.

Por ro

Scribe (4540)

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07-07-2003, 13:16

Usas did/does have great PSG music!

And I finished it, just like almost all Konami game. Not to be bragging, but I just HAD to finish every game. No matter the costs. Take Salamander for instance, it took me a while to get the hang of the game. But after a while I got so good at it I could finish the game with one live. Salamander , I think, is really the best shoot'm up. Never liked aleste 2 that much...
Or what about the revolutionaire Nemesis 2 which had the first SCC innit?! and greaaaat game also.

Maybe next polls could be style related ones? like an RPG poll etc..

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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07-07-2003, 13:35

The reddish tall dude goes by the name of Wit, the blueish smaller dude goes by the name of Cles.I'm still not convinced that Wit character is a dude at all ^^;

Por Bart

Paragon (1422)

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07-07-2003, 13:59

>>The reddish tall dude goes by the name of Wit, the blueish smaller dude goes by the name of Cles.<

Indeed! (s)he had PMS after all ... so who says it's a dude ??

P.S. I did finish Usas btw Tongue Multiple times on my first MSX2 (which was VG8235) Tongue

Por Guillian

Prophet (3456)

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07-07-2003, 14:51

I know this is not fair, but if you want to finish Usas you can do this:

- Write 0A 01 into #C000 to pass next stage
- Or write stage number into #C21D

You can see the ending by selecting stage 4 (#C21D = 4) and passing to next stage (#C000 = #0A, #C001 = #01)
You can do it in a easy way using NO$MSX, and its debugger.

About the strange ending (nuclear explosion) Maybe we need to do "something" to see the right ending, like in Penguin Adventure where you need to pause the game 5 times (for example) to see the happy ending.

Por fondacio

Master (154)

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07-07-2003, 15:31

There's also a ROM image around with a cheat that makes you invincible, so you can finish it easily. Maybe there's a different way to get the right ending. I can't remember if I ever finished it without the Continue F5 cheat (by inserting a different cartridge in slot 2) or not. It's a long time ago...

Por Guillian

Prophet (3456)

imagem de Guillian

07-07-2003, 17:26

From Usas intro:
"If they find 4 pcs of precious stone, some good thing will happen."

Is a nuclear explosion a good thing? Or are we missing something to see a good ending? :|

Por Geiru

Resident (49)

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07-07-2003, 19:11

As I understood it, the 'nuclear explosion' is the God Indus being blown off-world. Indus was the guy who, in the very beginning 'banished Usas, the supreme Mother God and threw the four pieces of her jewel to the winds.' I guess reuniting Usas' jewel ends her banishment and the reing of Indus, the six-armed guy you have to fight in each of the shrines.
I, too, can finish Usas without cheating now, but it took me 9 years of trying to achieve that for the first time. Main tricks in stage 5 are indeed having an enemy bounce you back at the top of your (double -- Wit!) jump so you can get even higher, and using Wit instead of Cles. Also don't forget to change your emotion and thus weapon after you opened the door to the boss in ruins 2 and 3.

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9903)

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07-07-2003, 19:26

I always used cles in 'rolling-mode' for the 5th temple, each stage.. since rolling is defensive and attacking at once.. you only need to jump now and then..

For the rest of the temples:

1st: wit (you can shoot upwards and fast too!)
2nd: cles (rolling rocks when that bimbo is eating the room)
3rd: wit/cles (not so different enemy here)
4rd: wit (fast shooting for that rock-throwing bimbo)

anyone with the same or a different strategy?

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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07-07-2003, 21:36

I would seriously doubt Usas having another enddemo... I always thought the game would have one (particularly 'cause the first 2 times I finished the game I used the f1 spirit combo and the metal gear combo respectively). Then I thought well, maybe without a second cardridge... Same result! Then I thought, well maybe if you play it from the first set of ruins all the way till the end. In this case you also get the same demo.

My strategy was mostly the same as wolf's...

5th temple: cles (angry)
4th temple: wit (happy or if impossible normal; doesn't really matter)
3rd temple: wit (happy if possible so you can double-jump when the demo climbed up)
2nd temple: cles (angry: neigh invulnerable if you shot well enough)
1st temple: wit (or cles: happy)

Geiru... I think you got things wrong about the gods;
I don't know where you got that, if it's from the manual (which I haven't looked through in ages) you might be right and Konami got a little creative with some gods, otherwise:

Usas is the Goddess of Dawn (in Hinduism); her task is to clear the way for the sungod Surya (iirc).

I can't remember whether the enemy you have to slay in the fifth temple had 6 arms; if it did, it most probably was Vishnu... But it would make more sense for it to be Shiva (god of destruction and salvation).

All I know about Indus is that it was a river along which a series off ruins can now be found:

Harrappa ruins
Gandhara ruins
Mohenjo Daro

Does that ring any bells???

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