FS A1 GT disk drive - some belts in stock?

Por elmar_c_fuchs

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07-10-2008, 13:26

Dear MSX using colleagues,

I am the proud owner of a Panasonic FS A1 GT with slot expander, IDE Interface, etc. - and I have my TurboR since 1993. Last week, the disk drive stopped to work properly - only a high pitched sound, the inserted disk did not seem to rotate any more - and always a "disk not ready" error. After surfing a little bit on this topic, I found that this problem seems to be common with the Turbo R - and that the solution is either to change the drive's belt - which I woudl prefer - or to connect a PC diskdrive (which seems to be not as simple). I would appreciate it very much if you could help me with that - perhaps someone could tell me how and where to get a spare belt (or more).

Kind regards,


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Por kabish

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07-10-2008, 14:21

Try Bas Kornalijnslijper. His name in this forum is 'Repair-Bas'. I brought him a Turbo R disk belt time ago. Good luck.

Por Sd-Snatcher

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07-10-2008, 15:28

... Question

Por elmar_c_fuchs

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07-10-2008, 15:54

Thanks a lot, guys, I will contact Bas Kornalijnslijper right now. Feels good to know that there is still someone out there caring about MSX...
Big smile
Kind regards,

Por hamlet

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10-01-2009, 18:57

Thanks for this thread!
Actually after 15 ys of using my turbo, it had the same symptoms this morning and i guess the warranty time is over...
Thanks a lot!