Where have the midi's gone?

Por Rataplan

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29-06-2003, 20:07

Heya, after the restyle of msx.org the midi-player was gone. I already asked this question ones, and they told me it would be back soon. Well, after studying my dictionary I found out 'soon' is a short period of time. So what's your vision to the word 'soon'?

Hehe, just kidding. I was wondering if I could get those midi's, there were a lot of nice ones in there. I'm dying to listen to the cool nemesis arrangement again!

Greetz, Rataplan_

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Por snout

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29-06-2003, 21:52

The person who wrote part of our MIDI-replayer unfortunately got too busy to continue development on it. As I was - and still am - working on other parts of the site and because we have been waiting quite some time, hoping that the person who should have done it would return, finishing it 'soon' has become finishing it 'sometime'.

Since most of the composers have given exclusive permission to the MRC to use the MIDI-files in the player, we're not able to put them in the downloads database I'm afraid...