Strange guys, those japanese

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Por Salamander2

Expert (124)

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09-10-2008, 07:14

i remember playing super boy 2 in the game gear. it's 1996 and it was that multi games cart.
but this game has fine horizontal scroll and when you reach the same impossible part of the msx, it has a little place that you could jump.

Por cronos

Rookie (23)

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09-10-2008, 15:01

Yes, I gave thought for that. But still it feels at least a bit unfair to customer. And even more unfair for Hyper Sports buyer.

But it´s true, that it probably had affected the sales some way, if they had published Track&Field on more pricey 32Kb cartridge.

By the way, were there any 32Kb ROM MSX cartridges (from other companies) at the same time when Track&Field was published for MSX?

May be off the topic, but the Koreans put all those ROMS into cassette tapes at that time, didn't care if the ROM is 16KB or 32KB... yes, it didn't matter for Koreans. Hannibal

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