Improving the mega-polling system

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Por snout

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12-06-2003, 15:25

In the MSX2 poll we will try the 3 point per pair system.

Por sjoerd

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18-06-2003, 13:47

For the first round I think it's better to let people choose which games they want to see in the next round. Let say they choose 20 games from the nominated ones. This way we get rid of lots of games that aren't going to win anyway, and we don't eliminate a good game just because it's paired with metal gear 2, while some crappy game can go to the next round because it's paired with <insert your favourite worst msx2 game>.
It also means less work and that means more people will vote.

Por Sama

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18-06-2003, 15:25

No, the system as it is now really is the most fun. I hope that it works so that all the points a game gained will be added up and that say the fifty games with the least points won't go on to the next round. That seems fairer to me than to just look at the total scores per pair (that the game with the most points of the two proceeds). In this way, it's less likely for a game like Guido's Lost in Plantinus to defeat a game like Hydlide 3.

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