MSX-BASIC Competition #9 - results

MSX-BASIC Competition #9 - results

por ro em 18-03-2022, 12:07
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The msxblog's Basic Contest edition #9 has ended with 10 entries in total. The jury deliberation is over and the results are in, the overall winner of this episode is the game Storm Rescue.

MSX scene regulars are no stranger to the MSX-BASIC Contest, organized by Konamito from MSXblog. A returning development challenge which just delivered the results of the 9th edition. The contest started in September 2021 and had its deadline at the 20th of February 2022. The jury members for this edition are Raúl Portales and Rafael Jannone.

About a week ago the blog did a live program with the judges to discuss all submitted games. For more than two hours they thoroughly commented on each one of them, in ascending order according to their final classification. Both jurors agreed that the quality of the submitted games are remarkable, showing the effort and talent of the participants.

Here's the top-3 ranking of the 9th MSX-Basic contest:

  1. Storm Rescue
  2. Who killed Count Roquefort? II
  3. Ice Hopper

For a complete ranking list and information about the results, hop over to the MSXblog MSX-Basic #9 jury dossier.

Congratulations to all participants who entered the contest. You are all awesome.

Relevant link: MSX-Basic contest #9 results

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Enlighted (6129)

imagem de NYYRIKKI

19-03-2022, 15:41

Wow, really cool games, but that Storm Rescue... It is just hard to believe that someone can do something like this on MSX-BASIC!

Por Juanmi

Master (158)

imagem de Juanmi

19-03-2022, 16:47

Yes, I agree with you. Storm Rescue has better quality than some of the games submitted to MSXDev.

Por Arjan

Paladin (787)

imagem de Arjan

19-03-2022, 23:44

It's using MSX-Basic kun Wink

Por jltursan

Prophet (2619)

imagem de jltursan

20-03-2022, 10:52

So it's like comparing apples to oranges... Sad

Por gdx

Enlighted (6644)

imagem de gdx

20-03-2022, 12:47

Storm Rescue is a nice game! Kudos to the developer.

Por praduca

Supporter (7)

imagem de praduca

21-03-2022, 03:19

I just saw Storm Rescue because this thread lol Didn't know the contest
Really impressive game! Also very cool to see that the comunity is so active!

Por shalafi

Master (194)

imagem de shalafi

21-03-2022, 13:48

Arjan wrote:

It's using MSX-Basic kun Wink

Yes, that was not just allowed, but encouraged.
It's not the only game on the contest that uses it.

Por ATroubleshooter

Expert (122)

imagem de ATroubleshooter

21-03-2022, 18:45

Some of the games are just awesome!

Por Manuel

Ascended (19817)

imagem de Manuel

23-03-2022, 19:28

Storm Rescue is really good indeed. Amazing game.

Por AxelStone

Prophet (3209)

imagem de AxelStone

29-03-2022, 18:56

Congrats to all participant, the average level is quite high. Special congrats to Storm Rescue, it has all the smell of those first games that we played in our MSXs.

Por hbarcellos

Hero (649)

imagem de hbarcellos

01-04-2022, 14:21

This guy is extremely talented but it's not really active among the Brazilian MSX scene.
He builds his own tools and have several other games already built.
Check this screenshot of one of the tools:

He could really use some help (technical) in order to release some of his other stuff. If someone wants to contact him directly this is the email: