MSX cartridges shells for a good price and good quality

Por moldov31337

Expert (106)

imagem de moldov31337

05-01-2022, 12:04

Hello everyone!

Guys, we are looking for the good quality and affordable price MSX cartridge shells. I checked this link with comprehencive explanation:

Review: Manufacturers of MSX cartridges

also I heard about awesome quality of the cart shells manufactured in South Korea

But just in case you know anyone else, could you let me know.

Thanx for support.

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Por mjgsantos

Expert (94)

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14-04-2022, 15:37

Did you manage to secure some cartridge shell? I'm interested in getting a few for myself also.

Por Salamander89

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19-04-2022, 14:44

Ask Manuel Pazos he produces good quality ones.