How Can I Take Apart A MSX2 Cartridge Without Damaging It?


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22-07-2007, 19:03

I need to fix a boken game and I think the insides are screwed up,
Is there any way to open the game up with out hurting the game itself?

Please let me know.


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Por Sonic_aka_T

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22-07-2007, 20:19

Hey Zapp. If you're talking about Vampire Killer you posted about in some other thread it might not be broken at all. I don't know in what computer you tested it, but if you only tested it in that Sony MSX you're selling on ebay it's normal it didn't work. Vampire Killer is an MSX2 game and naturally wouldn't work in an MSX1 computer.

If you are sure you tested it in a suitable computer (MSX2 with 128kB VRAM) then there might be something wrong with the cart, but you're unlikely to be able to fix it. Cleaning the connector on the cart is just about all you can do, and you don't need to open the cart to do that. You can of course open the cart, but most carts won't close properly afterwards.