[WTS] Casio PV-7 in very good condition, orig. box, with manuals, tested - ok

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29-12-2021, 11:49

Bought this from Japan, late summer 2021 - came surprisingly expensive after all the costs (buying price from Yahoo Japan, shipping inside Japan, proxy service fees, shipping to Europe and import taxes when arriving to Finland). After having it in a shelf for few months I came to think that I don't really need this after all...

Computer is in very good condition, manuals too, almost like new. Box shows some wear, but IMO it is very good too for being nearly 40 year old by now.

Computer has tested, picture and sounds working fine, no problems with the keyboard either, cartridge slot and joystick port working as well.

Price: 180 Euro + shipping (and as written, import taxes to EU were already paid when I imported this from Japan)



Please see the hardware section, pics are there.

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