A rare MSX system!

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Rookie (31)

imagem de ZAPPSOFT

21-07-2007, 20:02

I found a rare MSX system that I think everyone that is a collector should take a look at!
Here is the link!

short link

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Por penguincafe

Rookie (18)

imagem de penguincafe

21-07-2007, 20:21

very rare... BA-team

175 $, are you crazy ? Crying

Por legacy

Hero (570)

imagem de legacy

21-07-2007, 20:27

Not that rare, outside the USA. In europe about € 25,- .
Sometimes you can get them for free.

Por shaiwa

Champion (385)

imagem de shaiwa

21-07-2007, 21:51

Got mine for almost free Cool

And since when is a Sony HB-75B a MSX2 ?
Looking at the pic it says i'm a MSX or are my eyes fooling me? (am i getting that old?)

Por CrazyBoss

Master (210)

imagem de CrazyBoss

21-07-2007, 22:54

I only know about one HB-75 which is a MSX2 Smile
It might be the wolrds only Smile

It was converted by Henrik Gilvad, the Computer belong to my Mothers Brother.


Por shaiwa

Champion (385)

imagem de shaiwa

21-07-2007, 23:20

Thnx for clearing that out CrazyBoss.

Por Sd-Snatcher

Hero (582)

imagem de Sd-Snatcher

22-07-2007, 01:46

So this explains this: http://www.msx.org/forumtopic7511.html


The text in the auction MUST be changed.

P.D. Mine was free too.


Rookie (31)

imagem de ZAPPSOFT

22-07-2007, 07:54

Tell me, What would you guys pay for this item?
I am the owner of the company, Pretty odvious,
So if you want this system,
I will take offers,
And consider them.
So let me know,


Por Patsie

Master (254)

imagem de Patsie

22-07-2007, 09:52

Most of us don't live in the US, so it would be easier for us to get one more close to home. And like someone in this thread already said, it's not worth much. It's an MSX1 (not MSX2!!) and can be found cheap (25 euro to free) here in Europe, with native 220volt and european BIOS.

Por SaebaMSX

Hero (533)

imagem de SaebaMSX

22-07-2007, 10:14

It is a japanese MSX1, 60 Hz... so it is cooler than our European MSX1! Wink

Por Manuel

Ascended (18958)

imagem de Manuel

22-07-2007, 11:14

Yep, please change the text of this auction, because it is misleading! THere's a big chance that someone will notify eBay if you don't....
I do hope you didn't pay that kind of money for it yourself!

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