MRC RSS feeds?

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Por snout

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16-07-2003, 21:13

So there ARE more people who'd like to see MRC RSS feeds? Smile It's quite easy to implement it for newsposts, and will take only a little more time do let it handle forum posts (categorized) as well. However, after talking it over with the board of admins we had quite good reasons not to start giving RSS feeds. One of the arguments is that we'd like to keep somewhat exclusive.

You probably noticed that we don't like to copy/paste information directly and that we don't appreciate others copy/pasting us. According to us, a website should have its own style. For that reason whe re-write newsposts and always look for a tiny bit of extra background information which makes the news more understandable for non-regular visitors. If we allow (part of) MRC headlines appear on other sites, part of that exclusive feel might/will be lost.

Besides, when you directly click to the links on your desktop, will you still visit other parts of the website as often as you do now? There are a lot of pros and cons in this one.

Por FiXato

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17-07-2003, 14:51

Why not try it out for a month or so?
if you see (too many) sites copying your news, you can still discontinue it for that reason..

Por BiFi

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17-07-2003, 17:24

Or people should join an IRC channel where MG-MRC resides, then they'll be up to date all the time, since it's displays whenever there's a new newspost.

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