how to test a ROM on a real machine

Por msxchris

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12-10-2021, 14:25

Hi there,

I'm new to MSX programming.

If you create a game cartridge (or ROM), how do you test it on real hardware? Do you use the "Megaflash ROM SCC+SD"? Are there other flash-ROM options? Or old-skool, burning an EEPROM?


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Por pgimeno

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12-10-2021, 15:34

In some cases you can just copy it to RAM and reset the machine.

Por CodeIndigo

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12-10-2021, 16:56

The MegaFlashROM is the easiest method, but it might be worthwhile to figure out how to burn an eeprom just to have a standalone cartridge.

Por MsxKun

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12-10-2021, 17:05

It's probably more difficult to find a EEPROM burner (at least, for MSX). Not sure about price. Anyway, easier and more handy to use a MegaflashROM or similar (I have PADIAL Flash and 2 MegaFlashROM).
Some models have SD reader too, so you have a way to load the file too, as standalone cartridge. If not, depends if you have disk drive or not.
For ROMs up to 48kb you can use ODO.COM from MSX-DOS to load the ROM on RAM. There are also many other loaders, storage cartridges. Plenty to choice from.

Other way, for normal ROMS (I think, never used it) is to convert to CAS with ROM2CAS. or ROM2WAV...? The last one i think. So you can load it using the tape-in, with any audio output (PC line-out, phone...)

Por Grauw

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12-10-2021, 17:30

A MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD or Carnivore2 cartridge is the best solution for software development in my opinion. They are easy to use and support many ROM mapper modes for ROMs larger than 32K.

If you want to go the route of making your own cartridges, the TL866II Plus is an affordable and good EPROM burner for PC. Instead of using an EPROM you can also fit a FlashROM instead (a subclass of EEPROMs) which you can then flash from MSX, there are tools for that.

Por msxchris

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12-10-2021, 18:40

Thanks for your replies.

So the MegaFlashROM seems to be the way to go, at least when I want to do final tests. ODO.COM might have faster turnaround times during development.

I've got an EPROM burner. But for this (which I anyway would only use as final final test when wanting to produce a real cart), I need an "empty" cartridge with a socket for the EPROM.


Por CASDuino

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12-10-2021, 22:31

A low tech method depending on the size of the ROM would be to use Caslin3 to convert it into a WAV and use an MP3 player to load it if it's 48k or less.