Westen House

Westen House

por ro em 28-09-2021, 19:59
Tópico: Software

If you're a regular MSX news lurker, you can't have missed Santi his new homebrew game called Westen House. An MSX1 isometric view action-adventure game that should have been in MSXdev21. The game is free for download.

Software maker Santi Ontañón Villar aka santiontanon from Brain Games, known for some excellent MSX1 titles like MSXdev20's highest ranked game "The Menace from Triton", recently dropped his latest gem to the scene. Just out of no-where he presented "Westen House", an isometric viewed game like Batman and classics like Head over Heels or La Abadia del Crimen.

In Westen House, you play as Professor Edward Kelvin. You've been asked to collect the research notes of your deceased colleague Jonathan Westen before his family comes to take possession of the house. What Edward cannot imagine is that this seemingly innocent task might turn into one of his biggest adventures!

The game is available in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese language and runs on any plain MSX1 system, whether physical of emulated. Find the ROM or its sources on Santi his GitHub page.

relevant link: Download latest compiled ROMs
relevant link: play online at TFH
relevant link: MRC forum thread

Comentários (23)

Por defdanny

Scribe (401)

imagem de defdanny

29-09-2021, 13:28

Hi Ro, maybe you should link to the original announcement thread of santi.
It has over 100 comments and rising.


Por Kai Magazine

Paragon (1428)

imagem de Kai Magazine

29-09-2021, 16:43

Exelent game!
A must-have for me.

Por gdx

Enlighted (6622)

imagem de gdx

30-09-2021, 00:55

It would be nice if MSXdev gave a special prize for this game, even if it's just formal.

Por hamlet

Scribe (4113)

imagem de hamlet

30-09-2021, 07:21

Ja, even if Santi does not participate in the competition, he is the winner.


Master (148)

imagem de JGM

30-09-2021, 07:54

It really is a brilliant game!

Por Uninteresting

Champion (378)

imagem de Uninteresting

30-09-2021, 08:40

Maybe a special commendation (a post on the website w/o any other actual prize)? Since the game wasn't finished before the deadline and wasn't even registered, I think that'd be the best within rules. (Yes, I'm a stickler for rules.)

That said, I've already informed the organizers that I will turn down all potential prizes, but I wouldn't object if they redirected whatever I might otherwise be winning (if anything) to Santi instead. Obviously it'd be far less than what Westen House would deserve, had it participated in the competition.

Por Briqunullus

Paladin (856)

imagem de Briqunullus

30-09-2021, 09:23

That would be a strange idea. Westen House is not in the competion. Period. What do you expect from MSXdev? A grand announcement that game X is the winner of '21, but the jury likes an unregistered game better? That would be a slap in the face for game X.

It is what it is. But of course Westen House is a great game. If we the public decide to award it, then we should buy a large bottle of Champagne for Santi. Or any other prize we can think of.

(btw, had a look at the Brain Game website, what an amazing MSXdev track record that man has)

Por Grauw

Ascended (10860)

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30-09-2021, 09:57

Westen House looks awesome! Indeed I'm sure if it had been in MSXdev it would've given stiff competition.

(But fully agree with Briqunullus. Can we no longer release games outside of the competition?)

Por Micha

Master (129)

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30-09-2021, 11:07

What a nice game it is! and what a pitty that it was too late to participate in MSXdev...
I don't want to put anyone (the MSXdev judges, other participants, Santi) in a tough spot here (and I don't expect, or even invite, anyone to comment on me and give their opinion, because I understand the sensitivity of it), but when somebody would ask me: "is it OK to make an exception for this game and still allow it for MSXdev 21?" then I would answer with a clear "Yes!"...

Por gdx

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30-09-2021, 13:45

Briqunullus wrote:

Westen House is not in the competion. Period.

I know, the developer says that didn't have time to finish otherwise he would have entered into competition. MSXdev was more or less one of the reasons for making this game.

Briqunullus wrote:

What do you expect from MSXdev?

Just a nice little encouraging message, nothing formal. This contest is here for our fun, don't have to be so serious. I'm not asking to change the rules. This game is not the only late one.

hamlet wrote:

Ja, even if Santi does not participate in the competition, he is the winner.

Not sure since the competition is tough.

Por AnsiStar

Master (146)

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30-09-2021, 14:31

We have rules! So this case could be easy to handle! On the other hand you can communicate to all people that are involved. First the jury of course and maybe then the great game creators which take part of this wonderful competition. If the game makers maybe have the opinion that 14 days too late is not that much…Maybe then… But it has to be a fair discussion!

Greetings from a town that does not exist! Wink

Por santiontanon

Paragon (1871)

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30-09-2021, 15:04

Hahaha, thanks everyone! But I did not enter it into the competition, so, let's not make things complicated for the organizers hahaha Big smile

Por 8bitsengine

Supporter (10)

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30-09-2021, 22:08

I have tried the game for a week now, it's great. Thanks so much Santi Big smile

Por mzoran

Master (165)

imagem de mzoran

01-10-2021, 14:59

It would be unfair to bend the msxdev rules to allow this game to enter late considering two games were already disqualified for not following the rules. It is not like this gem will fade into oblivion for not being published within msxdev.
Bigger problem that I see here, is that msxdev judges are probably spending time on this game when they should be playing msxdev entries LOL!

Por Jury MSX

Expert (100)

imagem de Jury MSX

01-10-2021, 19:18


Bigger problem that I see here, is that msxdev judges are probably spending time on this game when they should be playing msxdev entries

Totally agree, Big smile Big smile Big smile

Por shalafi

Master (190)

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02-10-2021, 21:55

I loved the game, the pace and the right amount of exploration. It also has the right length to be played in a session.

About the MSXDev, If anything it could be listed as a disqualified entry for late submission.

Por sergarbes

Expert (116)

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04-10-2021, 09:04

A very cool game! Congratulations Santi! Smile Smile Smile

Por santiontanon

Paragon (1871)

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04-10-2021, 20:02

Thanks everyone! A bit overwhelmed with the great reception the game is having, hahaha. Glad you all like it! Smile

Por dieppon

Supporter (4)

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30-03-2022, 13:54

Does anyone manage to have it working on an SD512 cartridge?

Por gdx

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30-03-2022, 17:10

Try with ODO.COM

Por dieppon

Supporter (4)

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15-08-2022, 17:24

I haven't try yet but on the web it says that ODO.COM only has support for up to 32k Roms, Westen House is 48k.

Por enribar

Paragon (1233)

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15-08-2022, 21:28

As far as I remember, ODO was created to support 48KB, for ex. The Cure.

Por dieppon

Supporter (4)

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25-12-2022, 13:14

I have tried ODO.COM and i got the same result.