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Power Chupin

por ro em 20-12-2020, 09:33
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From our Brazil MRC user Marcos Daniel Blanco de Oliveira (aka cbsfox) we got word about his latest software-reservation program called Power Chupin. With this tool extractions of cartridge based software can be achieved within a minute. The program is now available for download.

There's plenty of ROMs out there, carrying unique software for the MSX system. Think of Konami games for example, or build-in software on hardware extensions like sound modules. Not only was this a popular storage format back in the days, even today we see this physical format appear frequently. And for a good reason, ROMs are the easiest and fastest way to run software. The downside is price and availability. On purchase, you've got one physical copy to deal with. When that is broken or lost, it is game over.

With Power Chupin, there is a way to preserve a back-up of the cartridge software. For own use ofcourse. Make a digital copy of the software and store it on your modern file storage to even play it on MSX emulators. How's that for convenience. Having a physical version of software is cool, just like having an original CD or even LP from your favorite band. It includes packaging in full color, it is unique, and you can touch and even smell it. It just makes you feel good. And preserving the data is key.

With this extraction tool you can create ROM files of your MSX Cartridges with different sizes, from 16 Kb up to 2048 Kb. And with the most common mapper types, like Konami, ASCII 8 Kb, and ASCII 16 Kb. Its necessary to have a slot expander or another device to disable the cartridge ROM and allow booting into DOS. Or, do it the old fashion way and plug the cart in just after the MSX logo appears. Be careful though.

If you want to be in contact with Marcos Daniel for questions or suggestions, visit him at our own forum at this topic. Version 1.0 is now free available to download.

relevant link: Original download link
relevant link: Download Power Chupin from our database

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Comentários (9)

Por Jipe

Paragon (1614)

imagem de Jipe

20-12-2020, 12:55

[ Or, do it the old fashion way and plug the cart in just after the MSX logo appears. Be careful though. ]

don't try this if you want preserve your VDP on many MSX

Por KdL

Paragon (1450)

imagem de KdL

20-12-2020, 15:49

I've never seen the "AscII" text formatting written like this, is there a reason for that?


Por Parn

Paladin (837)

imagem de Parn

21-12-2020, 16:34

KdL wrote:

I've never seen the "AscII" text formatting written like this, is there a reason for that?

Yes, a long time ago not everyone knew what "ASCII" meant and assumed the trailing "II" in the acronym were roman numerals, so they got used to read it as "ASK-2", hence "AscII". Yes, I completely agree it's weird and no, I've never said it that way but yes, I've heard people saying it.

Por cbsfox

Champion (429)

imagem de cbsfox

21-12-2020, 20:57

Gentleman, please test the tool and leave your feedbacks.

Por inspecteurZ

Resident (44)

imagem de inspecteurZ

28-12-2020, 10:32

How do you dump a 64kb rom (without mapper)?

Por cbsfox

Champion (429)

imagem de cbsfox

30-12-2020, 21:16

For now, there is no support for this type of rom.
But maybe in the next version.
What game are you trying to copy?

Por usuariodemsx

Resident (39)

imagem de usuariodemsx

05-01-2021, 14:17

Will it be compatible with MSXVR?

Por cbsfox

Champion (429)

imagem de cbsfox

16-04-2021, 07:39

Sure it is bro.

Por cbsfox

Champion (429)

imagem de cbsfox

21-10-2021, 20:07

Hello guys!

Now Power Chupin 1.01 can dump 48k and 64k normal roms.
So, you are able now, for example, do dump games like Stupid Martians (64k rom) or The Cure (48k rom).
PS: It is just an example.

And you can dump all BIOS, roms, subroms, etc inside a MSX computer.

Please, test the tool and write down here the feedbacks.

Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlpEtfGjLbhmhsB0PbaR6Y5EfcjQlQ?e=0MvCLP

Marcos Daniel Blanco de Oliveira