Stepping through and jp (hl) seems ignored?

Por Bengalack

Master (220)

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25-10-2020, 16:13

I'm a little puzzled when stepping trough here. It seems like E9 is ignored. Check HL, and check PC oO



I was expecting PC to go to D962 and not DA96... Not sure why BC and DE are changing either.

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Por Bengalack

Master (220)

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25-10-2020, 16:22

Ok, I found out why these symptoms:

Memory have been trashed. But it is not represented in the code-view.

I now have to find the root of the memory-trashing Smile

Sorry about the noise.

(although - I've seen it many times that the code view does not update, would have been great if that got fixed Smile )

Por Manuel

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25-10-2020, 18:39

You've said it before: It seems Edwin has no time to look into it. I vaguely remember he said something about it later, but I can't find that back.