MSX entry at Breakpoint 07

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Por diabolus

Resident (54)

imagem de diabolus

11-04-2007, 21:11

There was an msx entry by Traktor at BR07, I bet a lot of you guys didn't notice that.

The file isn't downloadable yet, wait for the organizers to sort their things...

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Por Xan0ri

Master (176)

imagem de Xan0ri

11-04-2007, 21:37

The entry can be downloaded from:
long FTP link


Way to go TRAKTOR!!

{mod: changed the link}

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

imagem de dvik

11-04-2007, 22:20

Nice demo LOL! with cool effects. (looked very good in an emu although they recommend not to use one)

Por Manuel

Ascended (18844)

imagem de Manuel

11-04-2007, 22:33

You should compare the run in the emu with a run as was shown at BP 07:

There seem to be quite some differences... Although, contact me to get the original video, which is a lot sharper :)
You miss some details that are different on emulator and real MSX otherwise.

Maybe the above mentioned zip also contains a movie, dunno.

Por spl

Paragon (1470)

imagem de spl

11-04-2007, 23:11


Por Vincent van Dam

Hero (513)

imagem de Vincent van Dam

11-04-2007, 23:34

Very cool! Thumbs up!

Por NapalM

Master (234)

imagem de NapalM

11-04-2007, 23:43

I Was there!!!! LOL

(coding on cpc....cof cof)


Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

imagem de dvik

12-04-2007, 02:02

There seem to be quite some differences...

Yeah, when I have my emulator hat on, I think the complaints about minor stuff is nitpicking, but when I have my demo coding hat on I think all emulator sucks, especially MSX1 emulation.

Por esau

Rookie (19)

imagem de esau

12-04-2007, 02:44

Thanks guys!

Always nice to get some feedback!
It still was a bit unfinished, especially the 3d-part, which could have
looked better, but time ran out as always.
The video that was shown at the compo is available from breakpoint's
website, so go grab it and forget about that googlevideo Smile
I've really grown fond of the msx over the past months of hectic z80-coding
and as soon as I get paid I'm gonna get my hands on an msx2 and start
exploring it. Smile

Anyway, are there any active demogroups on msx nowadays? Judging from
various threads on this site there seems to have been quite a productive
scene in the past, and all I've seen are Bandwagon/Lievestoure's demos.

esau / traktor

Por Patsie

Master (254)

imagem de Patsie

12-04-2007, 06:57

Could you give us a (more) direct link to this video?
I've had a quick glance at the compo website but could only find the demo itself, not the video :/

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

imagem de dvik

12-04-2007, 07:36

There seem to be quite some differences

It actually looks the same in latest dev build of blueMSX as in the video.
The demo does only run properly on MSX1 machines though (at least in the emu). Could someone with a cassette deck try it on a real MSX2 and compare to the video. Especially the second plasma like part and the end part with the picture of two guys. I'm quite sure it does not run properly on an MSX2 machine because the demo relies on V9918 specific stuff.

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