wot happened to my id?

Por Hydlide

Master (171)

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03-04-2003, 15:07

I used to have "SoDa" as id, but for some reason I can't login, and all postst with "SoDa" have weird numbers i.s.o. the id..
Never mind, I use "Hydlide" now, but still, I wonder..
(check the "MSX geekwear" post in general to see what I mean)...

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Por snout

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03-04-2003, 15:15

After submitting the newsletter a lot of delivery failures arrived at the MRC. Used a bit too harsh query to kill all inactive user accounts, not looking at if someone had posted something in the forums. Some other users were killed this way as well.

A message to all MRC users: don't forget to check your account settings regularly to see if your email address is still correct, otherwise your account might become inactive or even deleted.