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12-05-2020, 16:27

Question. Has it ever been considered to extend the hardware section with a topic "how to program in..." I just looked up the RTC and wrote some code in TP that reads the clock. Other people that are interested could then read my code and re-use it. The greatest thing of all would be if the 4 languages (assembly, c, pascal and basic) were given.

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Por ren

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12-05-2020, 17:27

Your topic title is too generic & I think you can ask that here: Wiki editing discussion.

Por efforless

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20-05-2020, 21:24

agree the topic is too generic
a valid question though. interesing theme.


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20-05-2020, 23:49

I think in many cases we already have multiple pages for these kind of different purposes...

If we take ie. MSX-MUSIC as example, we have a page for generic information, implementations, history etc. Then we have a page for programming MSX-MUSIC in MSX-BASIC and finally a page for programming the device directly... I see no problem adding some practical examples on different languages for example to end of the last mentioned page... Or even creating something like "Programming in Turbo Pascal"-category with separate pages for different topics.

This last option how ever makes no sense, if there is no enough volunteer man hours to make it a real useful information base. If such is created, it is also important to define in the start some reasonable page naming convention, so that page names will not get mixed up accidentally with other categories... Now this is bit of a problem here and there, but good example is for example our SVI-328 programming category.