MP3 player for MSX

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Por spl

Paragon (1470)

imagem de spl

25-03-2007, 18:45

Ok, yes now I understand Big smile

Por Manuel

Ascended (18861)

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25-03-2007, 19:03

Read that VS1011 document: it mentions a volume control register.

Por Prodatron

Paragon (1811)

imagem de Prodatron

25-03-2007, 19:49

Ops, correct. I searched at the wrong place last time.

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9971)

imagem de wolf_

25-03-2007, 19:58

So, the first chip (e.g. the cheaper version of the card) can do volume? If so, there's little point in having the more expensive option, if you ask me..

Por Yobi

Master (149)

imagem de Yobi

25-03-2007, 20:53

If you have no I2C mixer you can still control volume.
But you need an external mixer to mix MSX sounds with the mp3 music.

Por PingPong

Prophet (3898)

imagem de PingPong

25-03-2007, 21:32

Does the sound will be outputted to the (mono) TV?
Or does the cartridge have a line out connector?

Por Yobi

Master (149)

imagem de Yobi

25-03-2007, 21:39

There will be a jack or tulip output. (stereo)

Por Patsie

Master (254)

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25-03-2007, 23:04

so 2 speakers for this MP3 cart., 2 speakers for moonblaster, 2 speakers for the standard (and/or SCC) output. We could build a surround sound home theather studio with our MSX(!) Smile

Por PingPong

Prophet (3898)

imagem de PingPong

26-03-2007, 10:58

There will be a jack or tulip output. (stereo)
So, clarify me, please, No monoaural output throught the pin on the computer?

Por DD

Expert (88)

imagem de DD

26-03-2007, 11:59

The audio is also connected to the cartridge slot, so you can hear the music on your TV if you want.

Indeed the MP3 volume is adjustable via register 11 if i remember well, you can also change the pitchbending by using the crystal setting, and bass via register 2. Th volume can be set to a high value, then the audio is almost completely gone. Don't set this register to &HFFFF, the chip will enter sleep-mode... You might have to wake it up again. Probably this is no problem, i never tried, it is useless in the MSX application and can result in plop, bloop and other toink sounds.

The additional bass/treble/pseudo chips were also meant to adjust the sound of the MSX itself. The cart has an audio output and an audio input, the settings of this input can be adjusted independently of the MP3 audio. So there are 2 stereo jack connectors or 4 tulip plugs, a stereo line in and a stereo line out.

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