Controlling MSX cartridge from Raspberry Pi GPIO ports

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Por ray2day

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27-10-2019, 22:15

Respect for this kind of work! Hannibal

Por seanyoung

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28-10-2019, 12:19

Actually I also had secondary plan. Using a logic analyser, we can create a file which contains a cycle-by-cycle trace of the inputs and outputs of the SCC (or any other device). For the SCC this would be the memory reads and writes and the digital sound out, cycle by cycle.

Now this is great as a test case for an emulator. So, we have some code with an emulator that runs the emulated SCC against the reads/writes in the trace, and it verifies the digital sound out is exactly what it should be.

This would make a very accurate emulator and also create be a test bed for regressions in the code. Now regressions are found in emulators by users running some MSX software and saying "this broken" but some subtle bugs in e.g. sound might never be noticed.

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