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Por 3rdman

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24-09-2019, 01:42

Hello all!

This is my first post here and I just wanted to give a hearty HELLO and that you'll be hearing from me from time to time. I am much more of a lurker but I will contribute where I can. In the case of the MSX (until recently) I've been completely ignorant of it...As you all know, the US never saw it. As such, it was always something of an "unknown" and curiosity finally got the better of me while trolling Yahoo Auctions. So I've bought a Sony HB-F1XDJ, a MegaFlashRom, and a copy of The Goonies because it's The Goonies, I mean, c'mon!

So again, hello to all and I look forward to spending time here.

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Por Meits

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24-09-2019, 01:46

Hi there 3rdman. Welcome and have a happy stay.
I see you own the (imho) prettiest MSX ever made. Be sure to take good care of it as it's (sorry to say) a notorious suicide machine.

Quite a dramatic welcome, but it's better to know too soon than too late ;)

Por Latok

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24-09-2019, 09:31


Por Grauw

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24-09-2019, 09:34

But Meits, clearly the Sanyo PHC-35J is the prettiest MSX!

Welcome 3rdman!

Por hamlet

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24-09-2019, 09:39

Meits decided to live a life without a Sanyo MSX. I can‘t imagine but hope it‘s a good one.
Welcome 3rdman, please remember to change the temporary password.

Por 3rdman

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24-09-2019, 19:15

Thank you all!

Meits, I visited that thread several times prior to actually receiving my Sony. In fact, the very first thing I did was open her up and check that very section (along with the rest of the capacitors). I will be changing them out in time but I seemed to have really lucked into owning a good one....and yes, its the prettiest. Tongue

As an aside, I just wanted to give a shout out to Manuel over at MSX Cartridge Shop...Prior to getting access to this site, I've been peppering him with (some really) stupid questions. He's been kind, generous, and very patient with me. I know that this comes as no surprise to anyone here but I felt compelled to sing his praises anew. His cart is also pretty awesome as well of course!

Hamlet, yes sir, already done!

Por keith56

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25-09-2019, 01:16

Welcome to the forum! I only learned of the MSX when I came to Japan (from the UK), so like you I realized how much there was about the system to learn!

the Sony HB-F1XDJ is a great system, I have one myself, so I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with the MSX!

What do you have planned for the system? are you going to be using it for game playing, development, pixel art or something else?

Por TheKid

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25-09-2019, 07:45

Welcome 3rdman, I am happy for you that you enjoy msx so much already (and yes goonies is a fun game). I don't know about the prettiest, it's pure personally. I Always love my phiolips vg 8020 and tought it was the most beautifull msx, until I've got my NMS 8245. And if I ever get bored of the color or design I can Always ask Lord Zett to revamp it Smile He did some great revamps Smile

Por 3rdman

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26-09-2019, 01:30

keith56, I am a gamer through and through...Strictly gaming on mine. My only plans at the moment is to keep it clean and to beat Metal Gear 2. LOL.

Eventually I will get to changing the caps and if I am ever feeling particularly saucy, I'll mod it and up the main memory but that is down the line...