Konami MSX questions

Por Vahan

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31-08-2019, 17:58


I noticed some of their titles were also released in Japan by other companies. For example, Road Fighter was also released by Casio in addition to Konami. My questions are, why did they do this, which version came first, and how are they different? Thanks in advance.

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Por rderooy

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31-08-2019, 19:08

Vahan: I think it is just different/additional sales channels. Some resellers would already have had distribution deals with Casio or Sony which made it easier to get the game in stores. Especially in the early days it seems that Konami relied partially on this. In later years this was not done any longer, probably because Casio and Sony would obviously not do this for free, and the game would sell for the same price if it was sold by Casio or by Konami direct.