Vampire Killer to Castlevania mockup

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Por kya

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15-07-2019, 16:48

A couple of years ago Imanok and M.Pazos have released an IPS patch, converting Vampire Killer to Castlevania. It is an amazing patch, but it misses one important aspect of Castlevania: scrolling. Recently a mockup (running on a PC) was created to show how the game _could_ look like if it had scrolling and SCC sound (the soundtrack is from another brilliant IPS patch by Jan Van Valburg). The gameplay video is available here:

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Por sdsnatcher73

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15-07-2019, 20:46

Oh that is so cool!

Por wimpie3

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15-07-2019, 21:23


Por gdx

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16-07-2019, 01:02

This is not a patch that would need to add scrolling but an almost full reprogramming.

Por Manuel

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16-07-2019, 12:00

I'd like to see a patch some time that adds scrolling to the MSX Vampire Killer... But yeah, a hell of a job.... I guess.

Por iamweasel2

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17-07-2019, 00:49

I understand it is a heavy work to add scrolling, but would it be that hard to unify the two patches (castlevania patch and the SCC patch) in order to have the a Castlevania with SCC sound in MSX?

Por iamweasel2

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17-07-2019, 04:38

Another thing that would be cool (and in that case a lot easier to implement) it would be to be able to carry a weapon AND the power whip. It is that way in the NES version, but in MSX version, when you get a weapon (for instance, a knife) you loose the powered whip.

Castlevania added many improvements to Vampire Killer, but I really miss the hability to carry two weapons (powered whip + another weapon) like in the NES version. Smile

Por uberjack

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17-07-2019, 05:42

Let's face it - except for the scrolling (and maybe the fact that you didn't have to scour the level for door keys), Castlevania sucks when compared to VK. Music wasn't as good, graphics were crap - it was basically a stripped-down version of the game - even if it was developed in tandem with it.

That said, that's a pretty sweet CV mod.

Por iamweasel2

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17-07-2019, 20:23

I respect your opinion, but I don't see it the same way, and there are others that will agree with me, I believe. The keys and the scroll weren't the only problems with Vampire Killer, and the CV mod fixed some of those other problems. The controls in VK suck, you use the same key (up) to jump and climb stairs, and this is annoying when you use stairs. You also can't carry a weapon + powered whip, there's no power up that makes the whip longer (like in CV in the NES)...

Besides I don't see the original psg music as better than the NES music (the SCC version is better but we are talking about the original music), but in that case is a matter of taste.

MSX Graphics are prettier I think, but I believe this is due to the fact that there is no scroll.

Por Manuel

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18-07-2019, 00:47

I personally also tend to like the MSX version better. The levels in CV are quite boring compared to the MSX version. All it needs is the scroll Smile

Por max_iwamoto

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18-07-2019, 03:18

Vampire Killer was the 1st screen 5 game I saw.
I played NES games way after and I like most castlevania from
Castlevania 3.

I personally enjoy Vampire Killer more than NES Castlevania
because you need to find keys before you exit. It helps to explore more
rooms. If you don't need to find a key and explore all map the game would
be very boring. And color palette in MSX game way better
in my opinion. Making it longer will be hard because of
sprite limitations.

The idea to add power whip is great and I think it's very easy to do.

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