Wanted Yamaha YIS805/256 (Japanese Version)

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Por Stt1

Hero (604)

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22-01-2021, 16:15

Hmm, I might be interested in a spare drive as well.

Por Takamichi

Hero (545)

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23-01-2021, 14:02

sdsnatcher73 wrote:
Takamichi wrote:

I cannot get 256 but I can buy and sell a Japanese YIS-805 128 at 55000 yen. It's fully functional except a few keys which I hope I can fix by washing the contact.

Hi Takamichi, I would be interested in the YIS805/128. Does it have 1 or 2 drives?

1, as it is by default.

Por Alexey

Guardian (3385)

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23-01-2021, 20:18

The best you can do with YIS-805 is to install Gotek with OLED screen as drive A:. I did that on both of my upgraded 805 machines. I even designed the frame for this installation. This way you can copy/restore floppy disks between the real media and DSK file in the emulator. Very handy.

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