"Nogalious travels the worlds of Rusadir in search of his daughter Marieta kidnapped by the evil Darama. A retro style game loaded with puzzles where the skill of the player is put to the test."

Nogalious, the first title of the trilogy The Chronicles of Nogalious, has been released for MSX in cartridge format. As you probably know it is a multi-platform game for PC, MSX, ZX-Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC. PC digital version is also available on Steam.

After a long waiting since the Kickstarter campaign began, the game was finally introduced to the public in the past 54th Barcelona MSX users meeting held last weekend. Matra is the responsible of its manufacturing.

Now you can order you copy through the LUEGOLU3GO Studios store for 55 euros and other related products such as the OST and a poster. The game will also be available at Matra website later.

Relevant link: Nogalious video on Youtube

Comentários (24)

Por Pencioner

Scribe (1184)

imagem de Pencioner

22-01-2019, 20:33

The game looks great. And the soundtrack is really amazing Smile

Por tfh

Prophet (2430)

imagem de tfh

22-01-2019, 21:21

Unfortunatelly, LUEGOLU3GO studios quite sucks at communication.
I'm a backer and should be receiving a digital copy (which must exist, since the cartrdige is there) but I haven't heard anything and they are not responding to any request. Not on Kickstarter, not on Twitter, etc...
I know I won't be backing any future LUEGOLU3GO studios project.

Por [WYZ]

Champion (423)

imagem de [WYZ]

22-01-2019, 22:20

I've watching the uploaded videos:

Edited Music & Video (00:54) and MSX Gameplay (14:00) and seems to be a different pitch of the music. Could LuegoLu3go inform how the final versión really is?

Por Lazzeri

Champion (267)

imagem de Lazzeri

23-01-2019, 02:37

Same here. Backed the physical copy. They say it was shipped but don’t provide a tracking number or answer one of the many different forms of contact I’ve tried.

It’s still not clear what are the “exclusives” Kickstarter backers will receive.

Terrible communication. Really a pity.

Por Omega

Master (224)

imagem de Omega

23-01-2019, 17:01

I ordered my copy in August, 2018 through the store, no problems there.
Got a status update a few days ago that it had been shipped Smile

Por Konamito

Paragon (1034)

imagem de Konamito

24-01-2019, 01:09

Still waiting for my copy. Once I got it I'll write a review on MSXBlog.

And, I don't have any tracking number!

Por wyrdwad

Paladin (846)

imagem de wyrdwad

24-01-2019, 17:24

I ordered two copies back when I lived in California, and had them shipped to my workplace there, but have since left that job and moved cross-country to Pennsylvania. I contacted LUEGOLU3GO to have my shipping address changed, and they confirmed it had been -- and I even emailed them again to make sure -- but got the email recently that says the game was shipped to my California workplace anyway, so I'm a little frustrated. I've made arrangements to have the packages forwarded on to me here once they arrive, but still, I wish they would have actually updated their records, or at least not told me they did if they didn't. Because I wanna play this game a.s.a.p., dammit! Wink


Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9823)

imagem de wolf_

24-01-2019, 20:59

For me, this rings a bell. Smile

A few of you may know that I write product texts, blogs and news for a (very) large webshop: a musical instruments retailer, my department is studio and lighting. I have to deal with many high-profile companies who are very good in what they produce, but are downright insane when it comes to communication and information. And I'm not talking about consumer-grade goods you can get from Toys 'R' Us, but hardware and software that's being used by the record- and movie industry. Serious stuff so to say. They just don't know how to present their information on their website or in their mail traffic, they . just . don't. And it's tiresome. You tend to think there are two people at work at such companies. 1) People who know how to make things but don't know how to communicate. 2) And people who know how to communicate, but don't know a thing about the goods they create. I can scream, shout, stand on my head, but it just doesn't seem to change one bit. This the reality we're living in.

Now, this was merely a story about my line of work, I've no real comments on the game here other than that it looks very polished in every aspect. Can you spot the similarity, however?

Let me drop an old idea to the table again; some group/company/organisation/clan/madhouse, should deal with distribution and production, and should deal with all customer care. Let the developers do what they're good at: making the game, without overhead stress. Sunrise used to do that, but that plug's been pulled. Ideally, such a middleman should also be the one organising Kickstarter campaigns 'n such.

Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3355)

imagem de sd_snatcher

24-01-2019, 23:19

I 'm also trying to contact them to change my shipping address, without success. No answers at all.

Por saccopharynx

Master (150)

imagem de saccopharynx

25-01-2019, 12:02

With this Sunrise's reputation regarding communication and shipping I have already changed my mind. I will not take risks because it is a long journey to Australia. If they decided to sell digital copies, I would be interested again as the game looks great.

Por wyrdwad

Paladin (846)

imagem de wyrdwad

25-01-2019, 18:27

Matranet/S.T.A.R. is pretty good at keeping things straight, and that's just run by a few people (maybe even one person?). I had a big Matranet preorder (for Prisoner of War, among other games) set to ship to my California workplace as well, but emailed them to have my address changed, and then emailed them again to change the order so the Prisoner of War manual and dog tags would say something slightly different, and they honored both requests without any difficulty whatsoever.

Manuel is really good about this with MSX Cartridge Shop, too. And KAI with his KAI Magazine software.

I don't know how good *I* would be at this, though, so I can't really fault anyone for not being prepared to get a huge quantity of orders or deal with customers that keep changing their minds about things. But I do think that when people are trying to decide whether or not to distribute their products on their own or hire someone to do it on their behalf, they should bear all of that in mind. It's best not to work beyond your means.


Por Coyote

Rookie (31)

imagem de Coyote

25-01-2019, 18:33

Matra is an army of one.

Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3355)

imagem de sd_snatcher

25-01-2019, 20:18

Me too. I can only praise the service of Matra, Kai Magazine, MSX Cartridge Shop and ReproFactory. My experience with them was always top notch.

Por valkyre

Champion (455)

imagem de valkyre

25-01-2019, 20:31

I'm just looking forward to having the game. I can handle the delays.

Por wyrdwad

Paladin (846)

imagem de wyrdwad

25-01-2019, 21:39

Yeah, ultimately, same here. The delays only frustrate me because the game looks really awesome. Wink


Por hamlet

Scribe (3234)

imagem de hamlet

04-02-2019, 10:00

I did order Nogalious in the store after the newspost was published. LUEGOLU3GO Studios provided a tracking number short after and the package arrived today the OST included. Thank you, you saved my day!

Por Gabbiani

Supporter (13)

imagem de Gabbiani

05-02-2019, 19:31

I see opinions about the videos but has somebody here actually played the game? Is it good?

Por valkyre

Champion (455)

imagem de valkyre

05-02-2019, 20:35

I have received my copy!

Por journey

Champion (426)

imagem de journey

05-02-2019, 21:43

Received today

Por Lazzeri

Champion (267)

imagem de Lazzeri

19-02-2019, 14:42

Just a quick update: Nogalius team (and Luegolu3go studios) contacted me shortly after my complain and tried their best to fix everything up. Apparently there was a problem with Correos España that they managed to fix and send me a tracking number.

Item already arrived in Brazil. Still not at my house but that´s not their fault. :-/

SO... Things are looking good now. I must thank Luegolu3go for their effort!

Por Vampier

Prophet (2355)

imagem de Vampier

19-02-2019, 22:20

I heard the steam version runs on openMSX and c-bios Smile

Por turbor

Champion (446)

imagem de turbor

28-02-2019, 09:39

If they changed openMSX in any way what so ever they need to release the modifications. That's one of the reasons why I placed the project under the GPL.
Can anybody who has the steam version confirm that they use an unmodified openMSX version?

Por mars2000you

Enlighted (5699)

imagem de mars2000you

28-02-2019, 10:54

The openMSX executable (openmsx.exe) is exactly the same as the official 0.15.0 for Windows 32bit (5428Ko - sha1: dbc4eaaee4444d43427fa78e9dbc118d39310076)

What is 'limited' is especially the hardcoded (in the main executable) C-Bios MSX1 European machine. Of course, it's still possible to select another machine in the console or the OSD menu, but it will start without the game. A distributable rom is included, it's the demo version of the game. As the main executable is required to play the complete version of the game instead of the demo version, you can't choose to play on a MSX2 machine for example, the only way to get MSX2-like colors is to change the gamma value in the console.

And of course if you want to use another emulator (blueMSX for example), you can only play the demo version.

Por Manuel

Ascended (16981)

imagem de Manuel

22-01-2020, 17:09

So, did someone play the MSX game? Any reviews?? Gameplay reminds me a bit of La-Mulana, or do I get the wrong impression?