Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2007!

Por Prodatron

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24-12-2006, 16:24

I wish everyone on MSX.ORG a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!
2006 was really a very interesting year for me, as it brought me to the MSX the first time, and now I am already in love with this fantastic 8bit machine. I also have to say, that I think, that MSX.ORG is the best computer community I ever saw.
Let's keep it on for 2007! Smile

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Por snout

Ascended (15187)

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25-12-2006, 14:43

A very merry x-mas indeed! Thanks for the kind words on both the MSX computer and the MRC, Prodatron! I hope we'll see a lot of SymbOS action in 2007 as well!

(and, for that matter, a huge amount of MSX activity in general!). Cheers!

Por Niles

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25-12-2006, 15:41

Merry Christmas to all MSXers around the world!! Running Naked in a Field of FlowersRunning Naked in a Field of FlowersRunning Naked in a Field of FlowersLOL!Tongue