Mixed Euro/Japanese packaging

Por uberjack

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16-11-2018, 04:39

About a week ago, I ordered the Euro version of Vampire Killer (smaller box) off eBay. When I received the package today, I realized that the cart itself was the Japanese one (picture in front with the title in Japanese), and not the standard European one (without a graphic, just the logo in English). Now I'm wondering whether the cartridge was swapped, or whether it actually came that way originally (meaning, Euro box and manual with Japanese cartridge)?

I noticed a few other cartridges on eBay in similar condition - for instance, King's Valley 2, with Euro box and manual and Japanese cart. Can anyone clarify?

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Por Guillian

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16-11-2018, 08:57

Here you can check how the different versions are:

Por rderooy

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16-11-2018, 09:38

My suspicion would also be that it was swapped, although I guess it could be possible that they
1) made a mistake as both the European and Japanese versions were produced and packaged in Japan.
2) ran out of European labels and decided it was not worth it to get more and just put Japanese labelled carts in.

In any case, for Vampire Killer, the actual ROM itself is identical.

Por Bas040

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16-11-2018, 11:28

I have seen a lot of times original Konami cartridges with fake boxes on ebay. Sometimes this was indicated, most of the time not.

Por glaucus

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16-11-2018, 13:55

The yellowing of the box coul be a good indication of its age,also pricetags (mine has one from homesoft on the back, and is has the ) could be a dead give away on age of the box. but the box it self states made in japan. so perhaps konami ran out of european labels and put in japanese ones? Perhaps someone has that game in his collection from the eigthies with a japanese label to verify this hypothesis?

Por Stt1

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16-11-2018, 19:11

I would guess that it's actually otherwise around, first European prints had the same label than Japanese, but in the end they started using cheaper quality labels for European releases. It's not only the complete difference in the graphics, but also print quality which has been changed. For example Japanese shiny label is much more wear resistant than European one. Also Japanese label can be cleaned with alcohol based liquid, don't try the same with European label...

Por uberjack

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17-11-2018, 05:41

Thanks for the replies, all. I just realized that I also have a cartridge of Nemesis 2 that I bought around 12 years ago that has a Japanese label with a European box/manual. Given that, and the several other carts I see on eBay, I'm inclined to think that Stt1 is right, and that these really are legitimate.

If anyone's interested, I'm happy to provide additional pictures/info.

Por Manuel

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17-11-2018, 10:56

Stt1, but that is contradictory to the fact that there are many more simple European labels around...