Is there any way to test a .rom file in a true HW?

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Por jltursan

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18-09-2006, 18:14

If you don't have any flash hardware to work with, you can test your ROM easily using a 720Kb diskette and ExecROM. In case you don't have an external diskdrive to plug, the easiest way is the one pointed by Pitpan, you must convert to WAV (or even a HQ MP3 Wink ) and load it as usual from BASIC.

I think most of them used emulators - since a handful MSXdev games refuse to work (correctly) from either LPE-FLASHG-V2 or MegaFlashROM.

But IMHO to be MSX compatible is one thing and to be compatible with this kind of devices is another one. Most of the compatibility issues arises due the loading software used to write the flash... Sad

Por SaebaMSX

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18-09-2006, 20:28

Perhaps I'll publish the schemes in the next CALL MSX, but I need time to write an small article and make a decent board design ^^!

Are you going to get the original Time Pilot? Is Oscar giving you it? Wink

Ehrm... we are still thinking if the next issue is the good one to "start" with English language... but if it is not the next one it will be call MSX 8th for sure. Cool

Manuel, you do *nothing* so you have the time. TongueTongueTongue (puuuuuuut0 Manuel!)

By the way, I do want to test asap that megaflash writer from my laptop... (but firstly the HW, of course) Smile


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18-09-2006, 22:15

my drive is still out of order...
ExecROM seems a nice solution (BTW not for ascii8K), where to find it ?
how does it works?

Por Huey

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18-09-2006, 22:43

ExecROM info :

Does this work with all memory extensions?

Por jltursan

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18-09-2006, 23:05

No, IIRC I've tested it with a 4Mb external mapper and it doesn't works. It's mainly conceived for the brazilian MegaRAM.

Por Huey

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20-09-2006, 11:50

Too bad.
How accurate are OpenMSX and BlueMSX if we test several configurations?

Por Manuel

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20-09-2006, 17:04

They should be very accurate. If not, please report a bug Smile

Por Yukio

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24-09-2006, 17:23

"Is there any magic and exotic MSX HW able to emulate an ASCII8K mapped megarom starting from a .ROM file ?"

"ExecROM seems a nice solution (BTW not for ascii8K), where to find it ?
how does it works?"

If you use a 512KB or higher MEGARAM.


/R4 is to load ASCII 8KB mapped MegaROM .

/E is to not load cool colors.

There is 256KB, 512 KB or 1024 KB MEGARAM.
No need of a external cartridge for normal 16/32 KB games.

Por Yukio

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24-09-2006, 17:25

Por syntax_error

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20-08-2008, 08:28

Is there a cartridge reader/writer hard/softwarefor PC that can read and flash MegaFlashROMs cartridges or other MMC cartridges. i heard it should be possible to do the same with the game reader.

Does somebody know more for this reader possibilty?

Im also interested in Padial LPE-MMC-V6 cartridge.
Does it works in the usb game reader? Has somebody tested this in the gamereader?
Why is the website Padial offline? He stops with developtment of msx hardware???

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