Sending messages to a user?

Por Selious_new

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15-09-2006, 00:57

Is that possible?

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Por snout

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15-09-2006, 01:06

No. And for similar reasons we don't have a chatbox either. The philosophy behind all this, is that we feel the MRC should be a platform for as many people as possible and the information on it should be accessible to as many people as possible. Allowing conversations in private messages or chatboxes massively narrows down the audience. Our hosting is quite expensive, and we would not like to see too much traffic wasted on one-on-one or thirty-on-thirty (chatbox) conversations, where the usual (and potential) audience is a lot larger. We also would not like to offer our datatraffic to conversations that might go against our policies (warez, rants,... ) or conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with MSX. Again, we'd rather use that datatraffic for something MSX-related, something more people enjoy. If you want to contact MRC members in private, the members of our website who don't mind to be contacted in private are listed in our 'Contacts list'.

By the way -- are you the same user as 'Selious'? If so, I could merge your accounts for the nicer nick...

Por snout

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15-09-2006, 01:07

{moved the topic to 'MSX Resource Center'}

Por Meits

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17-09-2006, 12:17

By the way -- are you the same user as 'Selious'? If so, I could merge your accounts for the nicer nick...
Would be nice if I lost that whole 'NearDark' part of my name... Not that I'm fed of them, but my nick's just not that... It became like this while losing my password Big smile

Por ro

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17-09-2006, 13:06

...another thing to add maybe? the option to change your account display/login name Smile

Por wolf_

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17-09-2006, 13:24

Yeah, just like on the blitz forum some week ago ^_^. To honour Steve Irwin, about 10..20 ppl added (tu) at their username (=turtle in MSN) .. Everyday ppl posted a new topic asking with all the (tu) was meant to be. As the mods wipe every offtopic thread, the explanation was gone within the hour every time. I think I've seen about 8 threads about the same question.. great fun. ^_^