XSpelunker (new MSXDev'17 entry)

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Por Manuel

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21-09-2017, 19:55

santi: there's lots of stuff like that you can do. If you have specific questions or need help on the debugger, please let us know how we can help.

Por Grauw

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21-09-2017, 23:55

Oh, another nice tip is, Glass can generate a symbol file which you can load into the openMSX debugger, it will make it much easier to get your bearings in the disassembled code that it shows.

Por santiontanon

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22-09-2017, 03:52

Thanks for the tips!! I've played around with the debugger a bit, but I cannot say I maser it yet. But thanks! any questions I might have, I'll definitively ask Smile

And yes! the symbol file is VERY useful! Although I haven't loaded it in the debugger yet, I use it all the time to measure how much space do the different parts of the code take Smile

Por santiontanon

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27-11-2017, 19:51

Btw, a physical edition of the game is available from matranet.net if anyone is interested!!!

I just submitted a news post for this and the other 2 MSXDev 2017 games that also got a physical edition (Xevimodoki and Draconic Throne!). They are all available for purchase at matranet.net for 25 euros... Here's a link where all three games can be found: http://www.matranet.net/boutique/msx/card/card.php

Featuring amazing cover art by Sirelion!

Por wyrdwad

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27-11-2017, 22:43

Holy crap, that cover art is amazing!


Por journey

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28-11-2017, 09:05

Already ordered! Wink

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