Carnivore2 : First impressions and bugs...

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Por Louthrax

Prophet (2314)

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14-11-2020, 11:48

Hi tooloud,

If I remember well, the Might and Magic games are using some kind of direct access to the disk BIOS. This will never work with the current SofaRun disk emulation (the BIOS is located in a "fake" RAM page that can't be accessed). I had in mind to fix this by flashing the BIOS in a real available ROM slot (SofaRunIt would use SofaROM for that), but this might take a long time...

Anyway there are some patches for disk games using direct BIOS access on my website (look for "Game Patches"). Might and Magic book 1 has not been done yet, but it should be quite similar to Might and Magic 2.

If you plan to use SofaRun, let met know if Might and Magic book 2 works with the patch, I could then provide a patch for Might and Magic 1.

Por tooloud

Rookie (25)

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15-11-2020, 00:49

I will check it, but the problem was also with other .dsk files, I need to check on my last stream from MSX where it gave black screen reboot.

Por Alexey

Guardian (2932)

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24-12-2020, 18:04

Has anyone tried to use the release version of Nextor 2.1.0 with Carnivore2?

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