DMK Creator 1.0

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Por cbsfox

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05-04-2017, 10:17

*** BOMB - BOMB - BOMB ***

The world will never be the same....

From the same creator of DSK-PRO, now comes DMK creator 1.0. It creates a perfect DMK file of every disk. With all the facilities of the DSK-PRO GUI.
There is NOT a single disk that can not be ripped into a DMK file. And the process is super FAST.
The DMK file can be created into any letter drive you want.

The tool is in TEST phase. Be prepared for the future!

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Por ro

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05-04-2017, 11:50

Hey man, that's cool. any web-site for more info on that? Smile

Por meits

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05-04-2017, 12:08

Man, can you just not talk like millions of dollars are involved? You should know by now how people react to that. Quite negative... Towards you and your work as well... So if you want to be popular, be a bit moderate in your choice of words.

"I'm creating a DMK dumper with a GUI. It's in tasting phase. More to follow" sends the same message, but without the negative attitude swarming around you.

Por hamlet

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05-04-2017, 12:38

I´m prepared!
Thanks for your efforts. I got hundreds of disks this weekend from a good friend of mine and a good disk copy program will be usefull to keep them working.
And Meits, that´s quite right what you said, but read that with a smile.

Por cbsfox

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05-04-2017, 14:05

Hello Meits.

Man, I talk the way I want.

For the others, I will unleash the tool in a few days.

Marcos Daniel

Por Louthrax

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05-04-2017, 14:07

Any hope this could write back DMK images to a real disk ?

Por Manuel

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05-04-2017, 14:11

Great news! This could be the ultimate disk preservation tool! Thanks!

Por cbsfox

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05-04-2017, 15:01

Yes, that is the idea.
But it is just to create DMK files. Not the inverse.
For File -> Disk operations, the best choice is PDI with DSK-PRO.

This DMK Creator is now very promising. I am ripping my disks without a problem.
Maybe in the future the inverse operation may be possible.
Marcos Danieli

Por Grauw

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05-04-2017, 16:02

Very nice, thumbs up!

Por tcm1998

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05-04-2017, 17:54

That was pretty quick! Well done Smile

Por cbsfox

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05-04-2017, 18:14

Yes. Thanks for you help tcm1998.

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