Differences between Type A and Type B in Eggerland Mystery

Por Vahan

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19-11-2016, 04:01

Other than the fact that Type B has a time limit for each round, are there any other significant differences? Is there an ending in Type B?

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Por MP83

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10-03-2019, 09:18

This comes a few years late, but as I've recently finished the game again, I might as well reply to this question, in case anyone else is wondering about this. Here's all to know about the Type B game mode:

- There's no passwords for this mode.
- You play the same 100 rounds as in the Type A mode, but with a 150-second time limit.
- Completing the game in Type B doesn't give you an ending (neither does Type A). Once you finish the round 100 (and the bonus round that comes after it), the game takes you back to the round 1 with your current score.
- In each round, there's four crown icons hidden in random locations. Finding them changes the exit to different items. Collecting these items earn you points and that's the only purpose of them. The English manual refers these icons as Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern gods.