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Por Leo

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14-05-2006, 18:54

I recently discovered that google can handles calendars with
Google link

Once you log on , you can put your calendard on your google account.
you can load calendard likes the national holydays.
you can share calendard so to make it visible for selected users : for instance
you can show when your on holydays or not.

What about an MSX calendard on google for the meetings , for instance ?
Anyone could load load it and superpose it on his own calendard.

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Por [D-Tail]

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15-05-2006, 08:22

Well, why actually google it, why we have such an impressive list ourselves? Maybe it's nice to have an RSS-feed coming out of it, so anyone could implement such a calendar. Nothing's impossible ;)

But I'm afraid such a feature request depends on a busy snout, so you'd have to have some patience as the guy has a HUGE todo-list :)

Por Edwin

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15-05-2006, 11:03

Actually, the advantage of the google calendar would be that it can automatically be inserted in your own calendar. Something that a webpage or rss can't do. However, it requires you to use the google calendar, which is an unnecessary restriction. It would probably be better to just export it to an iCalendar file.

Por arnold_m

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15-05-2006, 15:03

Why would anyone want all MSX events automatically added to his calendar?
Unless one really wants to visit all of them, one would have to manually remove all those which are too far away, boring, expensive, or otherwise inconvenient.

I think the idea to use ICalendar files is better indeed. Individual event descriptions could have a link to a .ics-file and it should also be doable to give each event in the fairlist a checkbox and to provide an option to download an iCalendar file for the selected events.