Avoid this japanese seller on eBay

Por Metalion

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27-04-2016, 20:15


I just had a bad experience with a french seller operating from Japan on eBay.
AFAIK he uses 2 names : route7nakano and tokyotoyfactory.

The problem is that he uses "non contractual" pictures (usually mint games, of course), and says so only in the bottom of the auction text, under "selling policy". It would not be a problem if his descriptions were true, which they are not.

I bought King Kong 2. The picture was that of a mint set, of course. And the description said "Used, good condition, complete with game, box and manual. No sunfade. Fully working."

Well, I received the package today, and the box was broken at 2 corners, the inlay was crushed, and the manual was stained all over. Not what I call "Good condition". I have asked for a partial refund.

But in the meantime, stay away from that guy.

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Por foobarry81

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27-04-2016, 21:08

The guy behind tokyotoyfactory, a French guy called Christophe Ratel, has a bit of a bad reputation for selling bootleg Neo Geo games as the real deal.


That was a while ago though. He may have changed his ways in the meantime.

I bought an MSX game once from his eBay store, and that turned out to be exactly as advertised. So I don't really have any complaints.

Sorry to hear that wasn't the case for you, Metalion. What is weird though is that he lists the same items both on the "route7nakano" and "tokyotoyfactory" eBay accounts, but not at the same price.

Por gdx

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27-04-2016, 23:53

We can see many bad commentaries about tokyotoyfactory by searching with Google.

Por Metalion

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28-04-2016, 11:40

Yes, now I see this.

I got wind of something fishy right after I bought the game. There was another auction with exactly the same picture. So I wrote him an email saying I was happy to have bought KK2 in such a good condition. He replied to warn me that his selling policy mentioned that his pictures were "not contractual", so the game might be different.

I answered him that I would like to know how much the game was different from the picture, and that if it was very different, we might have a problem. Right then, he said I was agressive (which I truly was not), and that "we should always put first dialog instead of violence" (I should point that there was no trace of violence in my email). I replied that dialog was my priority, otherwise I wouldn't have written to him in the first place ! ... I then asked him again about the real condition of the game he sent, and he replied that he did not remember, since he sends about 20+ orders per day.

I really don't mind that someone uses a "non contractual" picture, as long as :

1 - It is clearly and boldly stated in the ad (preferably as a text within the picture itself)
2 - the written description is extensive, complete and true

"Good condition." (as stated in the ad) clearly does not fit the bill for the second point.

So far, no response from him.

Por Gert-Jan

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28-04-2016, 12:13

Thank you for warning us!

Por Grauw

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28-04-2016, 12:54

Is that even allowed by eBay, to use pictures which are misleading?

I would file a complaint.

Por Metalion

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28-04-2016, 13:33

I don't know. But it's not the first time I see this trick used on eBay, though generally it's much more evident in the auction text.

I'll wait to see if he accepts the partial refund I asked him.
If he does not accept, I'll try to file a complaint.

Por gdx

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28-04-2016, 15:20

In situations where the seller will not listen, if you paid with Paypal you can claim and do a dispute process to be repaid.


Por Metalion

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29-04-2016, 13:12

Metalion wrote:

So far, no response from him.

He did answer, and accepted my resquest for partial refund.
And transfered the money via Paypal.

Good point for customer relations, but still wrong about the auction description.
I have a partial refund, but I wouldn't have bought the game in the first place, if I knew its state.

Por spacegremlin

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02-05-2016, 19:36

you're in luck.
i see somethings like claim paypal. the problem is always paypals says you correct. and you can return the object.
returning the object wil costs you shippingcosts. wich you cannot get back. in many cases its not the trouble to return.

so dont think if you have paypal your always good protected, even when you are 100 procent correct.

Por johnmiller

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09-02-2017, 14:46

You can refer to some ebay sellers like people from 20four7va to help you guys out.