Sony XV-T550 demystified. Look here if you have one.

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Por Piter Punk

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13-05-2019, 23:21

lintweaker wrote:

I'll have to revisit. I will start adding beeps to see how far it goes.
I did some tests with the joystick port trick, never got a picture

Your titler is the XV-T550? I have an XV-J550 and neither the mouse port trick or the modified ROM works.

I still need to dump the XV-J550 ROM to find a good place to call in slot 3-1.


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13-05-2019, 23:58

Piter Punk wrote:

I have an XV-J550 and neither the mouse port trick or the modified ROM works.

I still need to dump the XV-J550 ROM to find a good place to call in slot 3-1.

Hmm... but does it anyway boot from the cartridge slot normally?

If it does, then you can get the ROMs if you just do AUTOEXEC.BAT with something like:

Por Manuel

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13-05-2019, 23:57

Manuel wrote:

I tried to run it in openMSX with the Konami mapper, but it crashes at startup, showing the green background screen.

Removing disk drive should fix this.

Ah, indeed, on a Philips NMS 8220 it boots and tries to show the 'connect the keyboard' message. Do you know how it's trying to detect that keyboard?


Did you try with the dynamic patcher?

No... It seems that I've lost my original 1024KB work dump of the memory. Sad I tried to look for it, but I have no idea where it has went... I guess I have to ask you to send me a copy or dump it again some day.

I don't have it either... and I didn't put any effort to run my XV-T550 as MSX (sorry, no time for that for now), but perhaps lintweaker can help there.


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14-05-2019, 01:10

Manuel wrote:

Do you know how it's trying to detect that keyboard?

No, not really, but I took a quick look...

I think it might be this check where bit0 of I/O #70 is reset and low nibble of #71 is checked that it is #E and then bit0 of I/O #70 is set and low nibble of #71 is checked that it is #7

Por lintweaker

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14-05-2019, 17:47

Piter Punk wrote:

Your titler is the XV-T550? I have an XV-J550 and neither the mouse port trick or the modified ROM works.

I still need to dump the XV-J550 ROM to find a good place to call in slot 3-1.

Yes, I do have the 'T' version. Is does startup normal cartridges just fine (judging from the game sounds)

Por zett

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14-05-2019, 19:18

gona sell mine

Por hamlet

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14-05-2019, 21:46

Don't do this! Maybe you want to set another title and then you regret it!


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15-07-2019, 08:03

Manuel wrote:

That dump is only 64kB... how does this match with 128 pages of 8kB?

Well, that was not accurate explanation, that was a "shortcut"... but indeed if the ROM was only 64KB then there is now one bit that does not match the documentation...

Let's see what I wrote:


bit 7: 1 = Enable SRAM & Video output *
bit 6: ROM select. 0=Program ROM 1=FONT ROM
bit 5: FONT ROM: hi bit of mapper page. Program ROM: 1=disable memory (#FF)
bit 4: mapper page (not used by program ROM)
bits 0-3 mapper page

If we translate this to 128 page size 8K mapper this means that
Pages 0-15 = Program ROM (16*8K = 128K !!! ...weird) and pages 64-127 are Font ROM (64*8K = 512KB)

Maybe the program ROM was mirrored 4 times (Pages 0-7, 8-15, 16-23 and 24-31) instead of 2 times (Pages 0-15, 16-31)
I don't remember anymore and seems that I have no idea where my original dumps are ATM... I anyway remember that pages 32-63 were empty.

Ok, as I had lost the dump, I did it again to confirm and the original explanation seems to be accurate...
Converting the description to 8kB pages means...

- Pages 0-9 seem to have program content... pages 10-15 are empty.
- Pages 0-15 mirror on pages 16-31... pages 32-63 are empty
- Pages 64-119 contain the font files... pages 120-127 are empty

Por popolon_

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15-03-2021, 12:44

Has somebody managed to get XV-J550 to output proper screen and startup?

I dumped some content from this unit:
And then got modified binary from NYYRIKKI, and that binary is now at the:
The binary was flashed to megaflashrom:
And some output is get, but no game is actually started and no basic screen is seen:
start screen2
At least with basic it stays at that screen.
One can hear one beep during this startup.

With game (for example boulder dash and aleste) loaded, it reboots continuously, showing this screen also:

With these same games and this "firmware" in megaflashrom, in Philips 8245, there is two reboots, and then the game starts. Any idea how to debug this further?

And by the way, has somebody added full keyboard to this machine, as there is marked pins in PCB for X0-X7 and Ya,Yb,Yc,Yd ?

Por evilborf

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21-02-2022, 01:45

Hello... recently i've got an XV-T550 with mouse sony mos2 and his "controller" (the pad with slides and buttons for videotitling)... Seems ok, even if the genlocking (superimposing) seems to have some problems... (maybe for output 60hz?? it's unclear.... bought it in italy and the videotitler software in itself lock correctly to 50hz i.e. it show ok on tv).

Anyway, quoting NYYRIKKI i've tried
<< Most easy way to boot up this machine as MSX is to connect mouse port pins 1,2 and 9 together. This will cause it to drop to MSX-BASIC. Note how ever that screen output will be 60Hz >>
And yes! boots in MSX BASIc! funny! Smile And yes the screen looks weird on TV.

My purpose was start to tinker in , but..
BUT I'VE A PROBLEM... maybe i went too fast or.. i dunno.. but.. at "normal restart" seems NOT recognize anymore the mouse ,urgh. What's happened?
So i ask ..
* the "short" is done directly with a wire... or is needed (i.e. is better) using a resistor of a few ohm? or what?
* the "short" must be an instant action ... and then the short circuit must be removed (with the machine powered on of course) ... or it can stay there ..
As side effect , since not detect anymore the mouse... the videotitler software not start , and show the screenshot "connect the mouse" posted from NYYRIKKI :-/

Anyway IF i re-try to do the short... still drops in MSX-BASIc...

I've burned some Ic Sad ? Like in commodore 64/amiga when you kill the VIA/cia chip? What kind of check can i do?
Thanks a lot

PS: total different question ... This kind of Megacard it's ok for using the hack-update done by NYYRIKKI ?

Yes, i'm bit rookie in MSX world.. i've poked a bit with Nextor and some stuff but... no hardware knowledge.

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