Cover replacement for Philips VS0080/CM8510, Commodore 1081/1084/1084S monitors

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15-02-2015, 10:46


I created a 3D model for the controls cover of the Philips VS0080 and CM8510 monitor (and rebranded Commodore monitors, sorry to mention them on this forum ;-)),

Grab, print, sand and spray paint - or when you want to reuse the original cover: replace only the hinges (some sawing is needed, use epoxy glue to glue).
It was quite a nice adventure to create this cover: using ink to create a stamp of the side of the cover, then creating an SVG of it, export it using Blender to Sketchup, using Sketchup to pull it in the right dimensions.

Download it at

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Por Turrebo

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15-02-2015, 13:17

Wow, that's cool man!

I think another popular part will be the front of an NMS 8250 / 8280. I've got a few, and all have cracks and/or missing corners, and/or holes for added switches (and in one case some kind of lock, even).

Por meits

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15-02-2015, 15:09

Great stuff, and indeed what Turrebo says...

Por user888

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18-02-2015, 09:50

If I had the time, if I had the time... :-)

I first want to change the cover into an inlay, so you can reuse the front of the original one and glue it to the 3D printed hinges.