AAMSX-CulturaChip AY compo music disk published

AAMSX-CulturaChip AY compo music disk published

por makinavaja em 18-03-2015, 16:47
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During the last months of 2014 the AAMSX, in collaboration with CulturaChip, organized a music compo for the AY-3-89xx chip series, a familiar chip to the MSX scene as it's part of the MSX standard.
The contest ended with 10 songs presented, the final results were published and, during the last 46th users meeting, the AAMSX sold a music disk to listen to the songs on any MSX computer.
Now, for all those still interested in the disk the AAMSX published all the contents of the disk; a DIY pack for anybody interested in having one. You can download the ZIP file from the AAMSX website, section miscellaneous → files. The ZIP file also includes the design used for the disk sticker.
If you want to create your own CD with the songs from the contest, you can download the files from the CulturaChip website or look for it in the file section of the aamsx.com website.

Relevant link: CulturaChip
Relevant link: AAMSX
Relevant link: Music disk FLAC files

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Por Turrebo

Expert (82)

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19-03-2015, 08:38

Wow! Many of those tunes can give the C64 a good, hard kick in the lower abdominal area!

Por poke-1,170

Paragon (1783)

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19-03-2015, 18:59

yes, some good stuff indeed !